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  1. Prawnbroker hotspot | Centrepiece hotspot | Level 63 | Level 66 Driftwood prawnbrokers | Maps Required materials : Teak plank: 8 | Required materials : Mahogany plank: 1 | Message in a bottle: 1 Level 73 | Flotsam prawnbrokers | Level 71 Required materials : Mahogany plank:8 | Shark jaw | required materials : Levek 81 | mahogany plank: 1 Boutique prawnbrokers | Shark jawbone: 1 required materials : Mahogany plank:8 | Porthole: 1 | Level 78 | Figurehead | required materials : | mahogany plank: 1 | ship figurehead: 1 | Supply Hotspot | Diving Suit hotspot | Level 64 | Level 63 Fishing net | oyster hunter suit Required materials : | required materials: Wool: 5 | fishbowl: 1 Rope: 1 | Bronze bar: 5 | Level 69 | Level 72 twin anchors | Mermaid hunter suit required materials : | required materials: Iron bar: 5 | fishbowl: 1 Rope: 1 | bronze bar: 5 | porthole: 1 Level 74 | bait barrel | Level 80 required materials : | Salvage Hunter suit mahogany plank: 4 | required materials: fishing bait: 100 | Fishbowl: 1 | Bronze bar : 5 | Telescope Lenses: 1 Fish-head hotspot Level 65 Mounted Swordfish required materials: Mahogany plank: 1 Raw swordfish: 1 Level 70 Mounted shark required materials: mahogany plank: 1 Raw shark:1 Level 76 Mounted Great white shark Required items: Mahogany planks:1 Raw great white shark These are all the available hotspots and required materials as well as the levels required for the Aquarium. I tired to break them into sections best I could. sorry if it looks like crap.
  2. Bliazin

    abyssal demons

    was just on abyssal demon task, and I know it's probably part of the RDT but I got a dragon longsword drop. I noticed in another post, until a RDT table is created, their being added to each monster.
  3. I was going through the summoning guide and I noticed the summoning pouches are wrong as well so are the item database on these items. abyssal lurker currently says it hold 7 pure/rune essence correct amount is 12. abyssal titan, currently says it holds 7 pure/rune essence correct amount is 20. again these are on both item database and the summoning guide.
  4. Bliazin

    Greater Demons

    me again, I got a off-hand rune mace and spirit sapphire. from greaters as well today. and the yew logs (6) are noted.
  5. hmm sorry, I also forgot to mention that the meerkat card when used adds medium dung xp lamp to current reward, and give all the other players with a turn still a random card. sorry for forgetting that bunch, just did sinks and remembered I never said that bit.
  6. Yes the sinkhole guide. under treasure room. says it changes rewards with lowest ranked person. but as stated above. it adds a medium dung xp lamp too your current reward.
  7. Bliazin

    Greater Demons

    I noticed that some drops were not mentioned . they drop (6) yew logs noted, rune javelins, and starved ancient effigy, as well as I got 2240 gold drop. and I was wearing ring of wealth. I already submitted this in the bestiary section under greater demon but I figured I would submit here as well.
  8. The meerkats card adds a medium xp lamp to your current reward.
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