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  1. I'm working on construction on my ultimate ironman. I ran out of money not long ago but i'm going to smith more for money. I want to get 50 construction now then some combat and back to 59 so I can boost for house tabs. gilded altar can wait until I get a task that gives dragon bones. I'm still mining on ocean breeze. nearing 117 :D On my main I'm now under 1m to 99 slayer on osrs. I'm thinking of doing monkey madness II soon but idk when that will be. [spoiler=Acapnotic osrs]98 slay someone called me a try hard and when I banked they said yeah gtfo . I'll take that as a compliment seeing he was 55 cb. [spoiler=Acapnotic clues] [spoiler=Ocean Breeze rs3 +meg cases] [spoiler=RiskyReward osrs]
  2. It's been a while. Mainly just been doing slayer on my main, I'm nearing 98. getting close :D On Ocean Breeze I'm still mining. 30mish to go. On RiskyReward I'm working on smithing now for money once I get higher. I finally finished getting hosidian graceful. It's green and took 350 marks of grace and 100% in that house. was a slow start as an ultimate but I did it. [spoiler=random pics]
  3. 55-57 hunter on my main on osrs. going for an elite req RiskyReward osrs 78 fishing 80 cooking
  4. It's been over 2 weeks. I mainly just didn't really feel like posting until now and I've been playing less + the majority of the time i'm not that afk. I also died on my hc , Part of it wasn't my fault but I didn't buy jar of light or w/e because I was going to get sign of life first. What happened was I was going to unlock ooglog lode and my dad was being persistent and both him and my brother distracted me and my reaction took me away from rs. I thought I wasn't getting attacked and saw my hp drop to 89 and I did get out of range but I misclicked and ran back. I got hit and lobbied. I don't really care bc I mainly played osrs but it's sad that it ended so early. Part of the reason I have had trouble posting was I normally post at night and I've been either exhausted or a sedated feeling from my meds. Think i'll post before night or starting my night instead of hours after my meds took effect. random pics since last time.
  5. I've been having a hard time finding the right time to post. hard to fit in this and all my dailies or w.e at night so I've decided to have some days where I'll do this before I start my dailies. On my main I've been training mage on osrs. I'm not too far off 94. On RiskyReward i've been runecrafting at runespan mainly. I also unlocked a couple weeklies. I'm currently working on 78 div for sign of life. I'm trying to unlock oyster but need 30 att/str so I need waterfall but without sign of life/jar of light I won't feel safe doing that quest at this lv. I could just do caches but I want this fairly soon. trying to rush it before oyster resets.On Ocean Breeze I've been mainly afking mining or slayer. Acapnotic rs3 easter event Acapnotic osrs Ocean Breeze Ocean Breeze clues RiskyReward rs3 RiskyReward osrs 59 mage RiskyReward clues leftover pics
  6. Acapnotic rs3 40m crafting xp Acapnotic clues Ocean Breeze rs3 Ocean Breeze clues those biscuits sack of effegies :D RiskyReward rs3 Chat while doing wolf whistle. reminds me of my name and the struggles of a hc
  7. Sadly I lost my 8kish red chincompa stack and the chinchompa pet on my uim getting a clue item but not a big deal. It would have helped a lot if I didn't die though. Also was a stupid death especially since I teled out at the same time I got hit a 5 and died.Those constant 4-5s. Acapnotic osrs 73 crafting 90 runecrafting (can runecraft souls now) RiskyReward rs3 5 agility says 8 range but it is really 9 19 construction RiskyReward osrs RiskyReward clues
  8. RiskyReward rs3 12 construction 71 runecrafting RiskyReward osrs RiskyReward clues
  9. I had a doctor's appointment yesterday. He's noticed some imrovements. I'm more alert and i've lost some weight. He adjusted the dosage to my meds to a lower dosage bc it's know to cause weight gain and I no longer take it in the morning. It was making me really exhausted and I was always lightheaded.I normally ate healthy but there was times I'd have fast food like 3 times in the same week . i've cut back on fast food by a lot and I don't drink soda all the time, I was having 2-3 a day which adds up quick. I was having hot cocoa or w/e drink I wanted and tons of unhealthy snacks. I've cut that out nearly entirely. I have healthy snacks instead aside from the occasional unhealthy snack and I try to set aside what I'll eat bc I don't trust myself with the whole bag or w/e. I've been exercising often and I'm noticing a big improvement. I can actually breathe now and live life. A couple months ago I was having trouble bringing groceries in and letting the dogs out.I should have not let my weight become a problem. It would have been a lot easier to maintain. In 6 years I went from being 180ish pounds with a lot of muscle and athletic to 320ish and barely any muscle. I ate less than most people do but not being active adds up after several years. i have had a lot to deal with in short time and part of it was addiction to multiple stuff and feeling like committing suicide. I just have to take it day by day, all I can do. A month ago I got really close to going through with suicide and now I'm loving life and can't imagine killing myself.Things really do get better. Sometimes you just have to wait for it. Depression never fully goes away but just have to live in the moment and know there are times I'm happy and thankful I have family that loves me and is there for me. tl;dr I lost some weight and am doing better now :D Hopefully I get the last 2 pages soon. would be nice. Ocean Breeze rs3 108 mining RiskyReward rs3 24 farming (got 1-24 with 100 basic tools :D 70 runecrafting RiskyReward osrs RiskyReward clues
  10. close to 90 runecrafting on osrs on my main now :D will be able to craft souls in 1 lv. . no luck with zammy page yet. On Ocean Breeze I got 98 smithing so almost 99 smithing :D Acapnotic osrs 89 runecrafting 75 mining Ocean Breeze rs3 78 farming 98 smithing RiskyReward rs3 67 runecrafting 68 runecrafting 69 runecrafting RiskyReward clues
  11. I finally got another zammy page on my uim and not a duplicate :D hopefully the last 2 come much quicker but w/e I get I get. Acapnotic osrs Ocean Breeze rs3 79 thieving court case done RiskyReward rs3 RiskyReward osrs RiskyReward clues
  12. I decided to update this thread. I started a blog up on another site so decided to post here also. I've been going for zammy pages on my ultimate ironman. So far I only have 1 but lots of cosmetics. I'm getting near 91 runecrafting on my main on osrs. I'm getting close to 99 smith on ocean breeze on rs3. Mainly what I've been doing. Acapnotic rs3 90m slayer xp random clue I did . got from jot Acapnotic osrs Ocean Breeze rs3 RiskyReward rs3 RiskyReward osrs RiskyReward clues
  13. Been some time, going to show what I've been up to for the most part goals atm: thalers for another profound piece on my main. on my osrs noob working on maxing as a 60 att zerk currently going for 99 range. on my ironman kind of random. Ocean breeze [osrs noob] : [hide=rcing] 44 rcing 45 rcing : [/hide] [hide=slay] 69 slay 70 slay 71 slay 73 slay 74 slay [/hide] [hide=74 str] [/hide] [hide=hp] 78 hp 79 hp 80 hp [/hide] [hide= range] 83 range 84 range 85 range 86 range 87 range 88 range 89 range 90 range [/hide] [hide=84 fishing] [/hide] [hide=clues] [/hide] [hide=slayer helm] [/hide] [hide=a lot o dcing happened then . this is me having a connection lost in lobby] [/hide] ironman: [hide=2 titles from we] [/hide] [hide=random lv ups] [/hide] [hide=rcing] ports unlocked yay [/hide] my main : [hide=random stuff] [/hide]
  14. Ocean Breeze these are my stats on my noob on osrs. I did get one fishing level after though this was one of the reqs I needed for a elite clue. only got 116k from it though this was some time ago but was a nice achievement. also was required for an elite. I needed this for an elite I've been afking sharks bc I cba to rc atm. got this fishing sharks Acapnotic This was quite a while ago but is worth mentioning bc it was right before rank 1 esteem This was when there was that artisan boost or w/e this is how much cw tickets I have currently and bought a profound helm 12 weeks to go and I forgot to take a pic for golden but I'm 4 statues in atm
  15. Introduction Stats goals Ocean Breeze: max cape taskmaster skills needed : ardougne tasks daemenheim tasks Desert falador fremenik karamja morytania seer;s village tirannwn varrock regular completionist trim completionist Master quest cape Ocean Breeze rs3 97/99 smith Ocean breeze osrs 83/94 mage Acapnotic (main rs3) 118/120 slayer119/120 hp Acapnotic osrs 99/99 range94 mage/99 mage91/91 runecrafting98/99 slayer RiskyReward Tank uim osrs goals atm70+ range60 attack 70 str70+ mage47/67 constructiongraceful set 54 runecrafting (after 50 construction ,portals, and glory mount+house tabs)2/4 zammy pages62/68 smithing
  16. I voted range which was my first overall on my tank acc. Later on I made my zerk acc my main and fishing was my first and str on osrs.
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