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  1. Automatically train your skills now! http://www.manapot.com/news/automatic-action-training/
  2. Combat is here! http://www.manapot.com/news/melee-combat-now-available/
  3. Those of you who use Android, the ManaPot app is now up on the Google Play store for free to download! iOS users, expect your app within the following weeks. Cheers! https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.manapot.manapot
  4. Sounds good, I'm hoping to get it finished tonight! :D
  5. Release was Monday, see all about it here: http://www.manapot.com/news/release-is-here/
  6. The combat (which I'm working on coding at the moment) is done in real time.
  7. http://www.ManaPot.com Play at: http://www.manapot.com/game/ Hello everyone, I would like to invite you all to try out the text-based MMORPG that I have been working on recently. The game is fairly similar to RuneScape, in the sense that it is something pretty "basic" and easy to play. One of the best things is that it can be played from almost anywhere (as long as you have internet). Computers, phones and tablets are all capable of running the game, although it's mostly optimized for computers (Android & iOS apps coming soon). This game is the perfect game for when you aren't able to do your normal heavy-duty gaming (such as at school, work or while commuting).Create and customize your unique character (gender, skin color, hair style, hair color & background image).Find and create powerful armor, weapons and items as you work towards becoming one of the most powerful players in the game!19 different skills in the game, with over 125 different actions you can perform.Over 350 unique and different items for you to collect on your adventures.Optional subscription & "cash shop" (cosmetic items).Anyways, I'm not going to type up a ton of crap here to wall-of-text you to death. I'll include a few screenshots below for anybody who wants to see what it is before checking out the website. Thanks for taking the time to try the game, I would love any feedback you'd like to provide. Good luck and have fun! Some of you might remember a really old game from about 10+ years ago called "RsBattle". If you're someone who had the chance to play it back in the day, you'll notice that this game is VERY similar, for good reasons. Yup, it was created by me as well. I like to consider ManaPot as the newer and better version of the fun little game I use to have. :D
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