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  1. Hello, We at Wyvern Gaming are already a successful League of Legends and CS GO community and we’re looking to expand into Runescape 3. We founded Wyvern Gaming little over a month ago with a simple aim, and that is to provide a gaming community where the leadership is fair, and cares about the needs and wants of it’s members. But enough about us! Why should you join Wyvern Gaming? Well, no mater what kind of player you are, we accommodate to your needs. If you are more of a skiller who plays the game for fun, we have a very active forum and great coaching staff to help you with improvement and becoming the player you have always wanted to be. Obviously this all seems too good to be true; Since we just started with a runescape division our Clan Citadel is only tier 1 but, we’re trying to get higher as fast as possible. There is no level requirement for our clan and everyone is welcome. We’re specialized in monthly events like: Minigames, bossing, questing etc. Of course with any gaming community, there are certain requirements every potential member must have to join Wyvern Gaming,and these are: - 15+ years old - Must have a working microphone - Must have teamspeak 3 - Must speak english And that is all! If you are interested in joining Wyvern Gaming, please go to www.wyverngaming.com or join our teamspeak at ts.wyverngaming.com to enter our prestigious ranks. If you have any questions at all, please add one of our ingame staff or feel free to join our ingame clanchat Wyvern Gaming: - WG Robin - FailedBurst - Kingcat Thank you for your interest and i hope to see you soon!
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