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  1. Hi there, welcome to TIF :)! I just wanted to mention that we do have a sticky for this type of thing here, so as you can see I've merged your topic into here. Unfortunately, I have heard of Teamviewer cause issues, particularly if hooked up using a touchscreen. I'm not sure of the precise details but it registers clicks in one spot and makes you look like a bot, leading to an automatic ban via BotWatch. I can't offer you much advice aside from politely spamming @JagexSupport on Twitter and maybe sending in an Account Help ticket. If you were botting though, at any point or for any length of time no matter how short, you are literally wasting your time in your attempt to get the account back. yeah i know that it would be a waste of time. but i can assure you that i did not bot and even if i did, i wouldn't try so hard to get my account back and i would just bot on a new account
  2. oops lol i meant may 30th, but if u don't believe me thats fine. i just need some help with this
  3. know I know, from reading this I know what you're thinking. Look, its another one of those falsely banned people trying to receive redemption. But if you're not going to hear me out and you're just going to put negativity, you might as well leave. Those who are willing to help are welcome . But anyways, on March 30th, 2015, I logged into RuneScape and discovered that I was permanently banned. The reason was because I was macroing apparently. I don't understand why I would get banned for this even though I didn't even macro. But these things don't come without reason and so I think why I got banned has something to do with my use of the application TeamViewer. This allows me to access my laptop through my iPad. And I think that through my use of this, BotWatch detected this as macroing and permanently banned me. Although I have no evidence that supports that I wasn't botting, I can assure you that I did not bot. I had just gotten membership so why would I ruin it for myself? And besides, even if I did macro, I would just create a new account and macro there. But no, I did not bot and I want to be able to clear this misunderstanding on my account. So if you guys have any help for me at all, it would be much appreciated!
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