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  1. Dear TipIt users Im looking to join a fun and friendly clan - i am an 8 year veteran (on and off) and have recently come back and started a new account and going to get members soon most likely - but first im looking for a group i can just chill with in CC for now Things i can bring to a clan : + 6 years Volunteer Computer Support Technician (ongoing) - this is in the form of an IRC chat room where random people drop in and ask how to fix their computer issues among other devices :shades: +Experienced with Enjin and many other website builders software so able to edit/update/monitor your clan website + Quester = On my old account i was questing all the time and only got my skills up to meet quest requirements - had Quest Cape before the release of Nomad's Requiem so if anyone in the clan needs help with quests - i can help with the majority of them
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