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  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nGqz91ztuSg A quick money making guide for F2P players - has no requirements so it is not restricted to who can do it, however the more money you have starting of the more money you can make from it. The method involves making headless arrows from feathers and arrow shafts. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hKYwwZm8fjM Another money making method which requires 10 cooking, yielding to 200 - 300 k per hour depending upon gp prices. Has lower start up costs than the above method. Any feedback will be welcomed - TrustyFever
  2. I was thinking this myself when writing it but did not want to include it as I was not sure if that was actually the case. Just a little typo. Lol yeah that's quite a typo that I should have picked upon. It was meant to be 9k xp after 5 minutes, resulting in over 100k xp per hour - thanks for spotting it and making me aware of it! :)
  3. http://youtu.be/a706eIfEySY I have seen numerous people do this, but I thought I would create a video and post a guide so people have all the details in one document. As part of the Tuska World Event you have the opportunity to skill on Tuska’s back to gain woodcutting and agility xp, for this guide I am concerned about agility xp. In short this is a great method to get xp which is semi afk and is not as click intensive as doing an agility course . However this will only last for another week - till 30th of June when the world event ends. So make the most of this to get xp, especially if you have low/mid-level agility or lots of bonus xp to use as you will level up quickly. These xp rates were measured by myself - I am currently level 70 Agility and was getting 9k xp in 5 minutes, resulting in an hourly rate of over 100k xp. Note: You can only skill on Tuska’s back 80 minutes per day and you can only skill from 20 minutes into the hour till the end of the hour. As the quills grow at the begging of every hour, then after 20 minutes when people have performed the world event you can chop down the quills. This is my first video and guide, hope you benefit from it and any feedback will be appreciated! TrustyFever
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