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  1. Grinding to 94Crafting now :)

  2. ~~~~~~ Welcome to the Official clan thread of OneClan!~~~~~~ Formed in 2015 from a large pool of friends, we aim to be one in our attitude and ambition. We are open to every Runescape player, and to friends from every nation. You'll find you'll be welcomed by our members! We are a social clan with no requirements to join! we offer daily/weekly events, some of which are prize funded! Events include Godwars, Wilderness bossing, Skilling events and all Minigames. We also host prized Hide/Seek and Runescape Quizzes! Member Count: A LOT Requirements: Be social and friendly. Interested? Just leave a post saying you want to join, and then join friends chat: OneClan LEADERS: J D I 07; One Zack; One Mikeyy; Go Pig Walk; VonNana We also have a sub chat that is strictly used for bossing it's OneClan Pvm . Please only use this chat if you are bossing/going to boss ===================================================================== ~~~~LATEST CLAN NEWS~~~~ - Yay's Wilde eventsaw lots of little green clannies run frantically with their little weapons.. congratz to winners! - Giant Mole was squashed for sure. 8 people gave him no chance! - VonNana has a guilded alter that he is more then happy to let you use provided he is on, just send him a message Congrats to those who got Bandos Tasset crecently from bossing! UPCOMING SPECIALS - TBA- Activity-linked clans: UOA; Armadyl Alliance; Serenity; Unthinking Majority; Elite Warriors; Kypa; 'The' Clan =====================================================================~~~~~~OUR PLANNED EVENTS ~~~~~~ Monday >TBA! Tuesday >TBA! Wednesday >TBA! Thursday >TBA! Friday >TBA! Saturday >TBA! Sunday >TBA! Don't fret though! we have impromptu events on a day to day basis! Want to host an event yourself? Not a problem! Go right a head, just leave a post as to who went and how it went Oldschool Runescape Quiz OldSchool Runescape quizzes are a favourite within OneClan, with clanmates participating in a 10 questioned Runescape based quick-fire quiz event. The rules are as followed:- - All 10 questions have to be OldSchool Runescape related - Clanmates are prompted not to spam answers - If a clanmate successfully answers 3 questions correctly, they will be capped and will no longer be able to answer further questions. The total prize pot is 1,000,000 GP - 100K GP PER ANSWER Please notify a clan star rank if you wish to host a quiz - you will be funded with the 1m quiz money to distribute, and the incentive of increased recognition within the clan. ~~~~~~CURRENT KEY ROLES~~~~~~ Event Scheduler: (Currently all members make events) Event Hosts: TBC (Bossing); Zack717 (Skilling); Mikey South; OTHERS TBC Forum Updaters: J D I07; One Mikeyy; The Myth; VonNana ===================================================================== ~~~~~~RULES~~~~~~ 1. Have fun. 2. Do not create unwanted drama. 3. Respect every member of the clan. 4. No racism. 5. Adhere to Jagex' rules. ~~~~~~RANKING SYSTEM~~~~~~ Recruit(1): New to clan, recently accepted by a rank. Corporal(2): Been in clan for at least 1-2 weeks, attended some events and been active in clan chat. Sergeant(3): Been in clan for 5+ weeks, attends most events, help members and very active in clan chat. Lieutenant (Bronze star): Bumps the forums post, very active in clan chat, attends most events, offers to help members, host events and promote discussions. Recruit some members. Captain (Silver star): Been in the clan for months, extremely active in clan chat, attends most events, host some events. Break up any negative discussions in clan chat, constantly bump the forum thread. Recruit new members. Has kick power, is often included in clan decisions. General (Gold star): Be very active in the clan, have been in the clan for a long time and proved their worth to the leaders. Host / attend events, promote discussions in the clan chat. Recruit new members. Constantly recruiting new members advertising the clan. ===================================================================== ~~~~~~APPLICATION~~~~~~ Use this to let the clan know about you! If engaging via forums, this is necessary to join the clan. RSN: Combat Level: Total Level: Highest Skill: Favourite Skill: Favourite Boss: Timezone: How did you hear about us: Do you agree to all of our rules: Will you bump this forum thread: How old are you: ===================================================================== ~~~~~~GLADIATOR WAR TRAINING~~~~~~ One Clanare starting aDEDICATED war team. We need at least 10 members who will COMMIT to attending the VAST majority of wars and war practices. There areNO requirementsto join the war team. All members of the war team will be extensively taught how to war. Lessons you will learn: What equipment and inventory is necessary for a war How to defend a war How to attack a war Skills you will be taught: How to tank How to pile How to respond to war calling We are expecting to have 2 war practices per week. You’ll be required to attend as many of these as you can as they are VITAL. MAGE Helm Serpentine > Barrows melee helmet > Helm Of Neitiznot > Dragon Med Helm Cape God Cape > Fire Cape > Skill Cape > Legends Cape > Obsidian Cape Neck Occult Necklace > Amulet Of Fury > Amulet Of Glory Weapon Staff Of The Dead > Master Wand > Ancient Staff Torso Ahrim’s Robe Top > Mystic Robe Top Shield Arcane Spirit Shield > Mage’s Book > Malediction Ward > Book Of Darkness Legs Ahrim’s Robe Legs > Mystic Robe Bottoms Hands Barrows Gloves > Dragon Gloves > Rune Gloves > Combat Bracelet Feet Eternal Boots > Infinity Boots > Wizard Boots Ring Seer’s Ring > Ring Of Recoil Mage tank gear Torso Armadyl Chestplate > Karil’s Leathertop > Black *'hide Shield Elysian Spirit Shield > Dragonfire Shield > Crystal Shield > Blessed Spirit Shield > Dragon Sq > Toktz Legs Bandos Tassets > Any barrows melee legs > any metal platelegs RANGER Helm Serpentine > Barrows melee helmet > Helm Of Neitiznot > Dragon Med Helm Cape Fire Cape > Skill Cape > Ava’s Accumulator > Legends Cape > Obsidian Cape Neck Amulet Of Fury > Amulet Of Glory Weapon Armadyl Crossbow > Rune Crossbow > Adamant Crossbow Torso Armadyl Chestplate > Karil’s leathertop > Black Dragonhide Shield Elysian Spirit Shield > Dragonfire Shield > Crystal Shield > Blessed Spirit Shield > Dragon Sq > Toktz Legs Armadyl Chainskirt > Karil’s leatherskirt > Black Dragonhide Hands Barrows Gloves > Dragon Gloves > Rune Gloves > Combat Bracelet Feet Pegasian Boots > Rangers Boots > Infinity Boots Ring Archer’s Ring > Ring Of Recoil Ranged tank gear Legs Bandos Tassets > Any barrows melee legs > any metal platelegs #note Please Register here
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