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  1. OSRS Name: Ni a Palos I'm looking for a nice and mature group/clan to have fun killing stuff with. I play almost everyday and am leveling up my stats and combat but as of now can not join most PVMing clans. I look forward to a long-term group with a friendly atmosphere overall and not just a week-long skirmish of non-commited members. I don't mind fresh clans as long as they have a serious desire to grow. My Clan experience is non-existent in 07, but I was in a few f2p warring clans back in 2008/9. Not really sure about the status of Clan Wars on 07 but I don't mind a more all-around experience. My timezone is -3 GMT, I play during the nights and afternoons mostly. I can listen on TS3 or similar if required and can commit to use forums daily. Ask away anything I missed. Thanks!
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