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  1. WELCOME Hall Of Skill Clan was created to give an advantage for who's going to be a good skiller. Players are welcome to join the clan especially for those whos going be a good skiller. We only Recruit the Serious Player that Focus on his Skill. IMPORTANT: This Clan was created on June 2015. MUST READ: Our Clan's Co-Leader We're dedicated to Guid and Lead you to reach your goal and being a good skiller. Clan Forum: Click Here Clan Chat : Exp or LvlClan Leader : CRS_Irene (knows as Irene) Home World : 384(F2P) . 376(P2P) REQUIREMENT Combat Level : Any RULES 1- Player need to be in Chat Chat Whenever they're Online. 2- Private Off absolutely disallowed. 3- No Botting, Scamming, Flaming and Racist on Clan. 4- Respect Another Member. 5- No combat Level comparison 6- Make sure you doesnt have any clan. APPLICATION FORM OSRS Name : Total Level : Why you gonna be in this Clan chat ? # (answer) Will you be willing to follow the clan Rules ? # (answer) Will you be willing to respect all clan members ? # (answer) Did anyone refer you? # (answer) RANKING Smile - Accepted as trial clan member. Recruit - Accepted as full clan member. Corporal - Been in a clan for a month and so on. Sergeant - Achieve any 99 on Skill Target. Lieutenant - Loyal Clan member that help the lower Rank with guide and so on. Captain - Help the Clan leader and Co-Leader to handle the clan event, guide, help, and clan improvement. General - Clan Leader and Co-Leader. Clan Member GeneralCRS_Irene (Leader) RahaRambo (Co-Leader) Gondels (Co-Leader) CorporalOxit RecruitzeTani
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