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  1. The Whole point of being an Iron man in this game is to be completely self-sufficient, you gotta get your own gold and make your own equipment, Okay. So lets say I want to be an Iron man Archer. So I start the game with 25 arrows and I bow and after killing some goblins all my arrows slowly get used up and I have none left, Now I can't buy any that players sell to the lumbridge trader, pick up arrows that other players forgot about, nor can I trade with other players to get arrows. So, because the whole Idea behind Iron man is to be self sufficient, I get the idea to make my arrows from scratch. So I get a knife and I get logs...and I can't, you want to know why? Because i'm not a member. That is just stupid, it completely defeats the purpose of doing the iron man mode. Yeah I could run all the way to rimmington to get arrows, but should I really have to do that? REALLY? You want me to run for 30 minutes to get a couple of arrows that i'm going to run out of again, just so I can go do it again? This needs to be fixed.
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