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  1. Thanks! Just wish I didn't have to throw a mini-tantrum in the comments section of the form to get a human being to actually converse with me. I will admit, my God Rules Us account is so important to me more out of sentimentality than anything. I've had it since the very beginning, practically, and it carries a lot of good memories of times spent with old friends that I never really see or hear from anymore. That, and it's a lot of nostalgia, too. I love to keep hold of the old while still embracing the new. It's such a relief to have it back, let me tell you. And thanks again to all of you who gave suggestions. Most of them I had done the first time around, but I didn't think to give them names of in-game friends til later (although I didn't see that suggestion 'til after the fact). If anyone else is having trouble and needs to actually speak with someone from Jagex, don't give up, be persistent, and, if you have to, be a bit of a jerk/bully, and they will finally speak with you. I HATE acting like a jerk, but that was the only thing that got me anywhere in this case.
  2. SUCCESS!!! The solution has been found, and I have been given back my account! What helped was that I was able to give them the usernames of 3 friends on my friends list (none of which play anymore, I don't believe), and they were able to find my old account. Here's what they said, and it was such a stupid little detail that I left out because it's been so long. THANK YOU, everyone, for your help and support. I feel Jagex still really needs to clean up their act in the customer support department, but at least I got my character back, although hearing what one person said about the game being much easier now might compel me to make a new e-mail address and start an account from scratch just to see. Anyway, here's the solution, and a tip for others: in the comments section of any of their support forms, tell them you are desperate to actually CONVERSE with someone; that's how I got someone to e-mail back and forth with me: You are not going to believe what I have just found :):) :) Initially when I said that the account godrulesus was not yours I was absolutely correct. Information did not match etc. Apologies if you felt that I am accusing you of being dishonest. I was far from it. Then this morning I saw your reply in which you included a very valuable piece of information - a name of the friend from your friends' list. Once I got that it was a piece of cake to find the correct account. Are you ready for this? Brace yourself !! The username for the account in question is.........god_rules_us. Yes - the spaces make a colossal difference. Due to your situation I am happy to let you know I have validated the following email address to your account: [Removed Personal Information] You should receive an email with a link from us with the subject: 'Reset your Jagex password' as part of the validation. Feel free to change your password using this link, if not then please feel free to delete the email. Mod Edit: Removed some personal information from this post.
  3. As I said in my original post, I was never a member because I was never on with any regularity. It just wasn't worth it to spend money on it if I wasn't going to be playing regularly. And I don't have 99 in ANYTHING. Like I said originally: VERY casual gamer here. Ahaha. I didn't know how to take screenshots when I was first starting my account, and I never bothered at any other time, either. I am rather sad to hear that. Although I am a casual gamer, I still like the games I do play to be challenging. Thanks everyone for your suggestions. I will post the latest reply from Jagex below.
  4. Thank you! It may not be a lot by most players, but by me it definitely is. I may not be at a ridiculously high level, but I worked my butt off to get to level 50. Games don't come easily to me, so the though of having to start over makes me consider just throwing in the towel. I replied, but haven't heard back yet. I asked if it is possible to reactivate an account that has been inactivated due to inactivity, but if they think I'm a lying idiot ("best way to go about it would be honestly", "probably chasing a wrong account", as if I don't know my own account name), I doubt that they would reactivate it even if they could.
  5. Well, after having a mini-tantrum in the comments section of the account recovery form, someone e-mailed me in a way that I could reply and converse...and implied I was lying and trying to gain access to an account that isn't mine. They also told me that my account was not created in Pennsylvania, and that there was hardly any progress made on it so it "wasn't worth recovering". Since when is combat level 50 with 5M gold not worth recovering? I'm sorry I'm not a hardcore gamer like a lot of players, but that's downright insulting. So was implying I was lying. Here is the full text of the e-mail sent to me. I have read your ticket and checked your appeal and I think the best way to go about it would be honesty. The account that you are after has been created in a completely different location than the one you have suggested. Additionally the creation time differs significantly. You also did not know the creation ISP. The account itself has not been practically played at all and as such based on my experience is not worth recovering. The display name that has been at some point on the account has been removed due to prolonged inactivity. All the things above added together make me believe that you are most probably chasing a wrong account. I would love to help you further with the query and perhaps locate the account that you are really after. Please get back to me with some more information regarding the account. I hope that we will be able to find it for you shortly :). I am looking forward to hearing from you soon so that I could help you further.
  6. Thanks for the response, and glad to hear I'm not the only one. Also sorry to hear I'm not the only one, because someone else is dealing with this headache, too. I have decided I will keep sending that form every day demanding someone actually CONVERSE with me until they do so, if only to shut me up. I figure if I can't get help out of their desire to help their players, then I will get help out of their desire to stop being annoyed by me. There is literally no way to directly contact Jagex unless you are a government agency or a business, which is the dumbest customer support setup I've ever seen. I used to LOVE Jagex, now I am starting to hate them with a vengeance. So...I will annoy them to death, and hopefully that will get me results.
  7. Just wanted to keep this post up to date. I just heard back from their Twitter account, and after explaining to them that I already tried their forms, what do they tell me? "Click this link." What link is it? The same form I've already tried three times. I will admit, I yelled at them via Twitter. Never have I experienced such terrible customer service. They apparently are not reading anything I'm sending them. I'm beginning to think it's not worth it, and I should just give up and find a new game.
  8. Nope, no tick box. It's rather dumb how they ask for the answers, but they don't ask you the questions. If they asked the quesitons, I could probably answer them, but since all they have are blanks for the answers and no questions, I'm basically screwed. I'm still digging, but I'm about to give up and find a RuneScape Replacement.
  9. Thank you for your reply, but that is the form I already filled out that they told me I must have filled out incompletely/too quickly. There was another form that was a general contact form, but I have no idea where I found it. Like I said, I think I came across it by dumb luck. I appreciate your hlep, though, I truly do. Like I said, I am desperate, beyond desperate, really. I will try that form again, though, just to see what happens.
  10. Ok, this is going to be a long post, but please bear with me, and I will try to be as grammatically correct as possible to make reading a small book easier. I apologize in advance for the length of the post. I have come to this website out of sheer desperation in the hopes that someone, anyone out there can/will help me. I am so desperate, I am going to risk putting everything on a public forum. I can't recover my own account, so how is anyone else going to be able to hack/steal it? I created my account within just a few years of RuneScape initially launching, when I was around 10 to 12 years old. That would put the year of creation around 2001 to 2003. My character name was/is [removed], and my original password was [removed]. I have played RuneScape off and on ever since. Sometimes there would be breaks of a couple years where I wouldn't play, but I'd always come back. Well, this last time was my longest break ever at 5 years. I played last in 2010, while I was still away at college. I tried the other night to log into my account because I was itching to play again. However, I couldn't remember my password. I filled out the account recovery form like it asked, but I couldn't tell them my ISP at creation. I am now 24; that's been 12 to 14 years ago. We have had several different ISPs, and my mother has no idea what ISP we had from 2001 to 2003. I got a response back saying my recovery request was denied. I followed the link, and it told me why, and it was information that I simply don't have because of how old the account is. I dug around on the customer support section of the website, and I finally (I don't know how or even where) found a form to fill out to be contacted by Jagex. I told my entire story in that form, and I received a form e-mail back telling me I must not have filled out the recovery form properly, and if I didn't know my ISP at time of account creation, I could provide my state. I already provided my state, and I gave them all the information I possibly could the first time I filled out the form. I was careful, because I wanted it to be one and done. The e-mail stated that I could not reply to it, so I tried to find the contact form I had filled out before. It is nowhere to be found; apparently I found it by dumb luck the first time. Also, the e-mail told me there would be links for contacting Jagex for further help, but, obviously, I have been unable to find them. I have looked everywhere for a way to contact Jagex, and there is nothing. It's all "check the forums", but the forums don't tell me anything new. So I decided to quickly create a new account so I could post to the forums, only to find out that only those who have paid to be members can post to the forums. I never paid even with my GodRulesUs account, because I am a casual gamer, so it would be a waste of money for me. So, basically, I am going to put all my information that I can give in this post and hope that someone can help me/tell me what to do. [removed] Basically, all I want is to have an actual CONVERSATION with someone from Jagex to get my account back. I will not restart a brand new account; I will leave RuneScape and find a substitute. Frankly, I am absolutely amazed and disgusted at the customer service (or lack thereof) that Jagex has. Does anyone, ANYONE know how to have a direct conversation with an actual human being, and not a human being sending out a form e-mail from an account that can't be replied to? Again, I am DESPERATE, and any help at all will be greatly appreciated. I don't know what else to do or where else to turn. Please, I am begging anyone for ANY help. Mod Edit: I removed your character name as it is effectively one part required to recover your account by someone else.
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