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  1. Welcome To SomethingRoyal's Recruitment Thread! Who We Are: SomethingRoyal is a social clan, based on World 76. We have been around since August 15, 2015, and while there have been changes to the clan, we are still very much the same at heart. We believe that every person has a voice and with that is the fact that you matter. Every member of leadership can tell you that while yes, we may run the clan, if it wasn't for the people in the clan we wouldn't have anything to run. We just simply make sure people are following the Jagex Terms of Service as well as some simple rules to keep the clan together as a whole, while bringing events and chattiness. We're here for you guys. We are a clan that has an Offsite and a Discord, which is open to any member of the clan who wants to hang out. We have weekly events, competitions, newsletters, etc. We have a good group of people to chat with at odd hours of the day, and while there is more US than EU members, we're open to anyone from any part of the world. We have a little something for everyone, whether it's PvM, Social, Skilling, Bankstanding. We also have things to do for ironmen/women and HCIM. Oh and nothing is mandatory. The Requirements To Join: To join SomethingRoyal we ask that you meet one requirement. That you are P2P. You don't need to fill out an application, just guest in the CC, give us a look, and if you're interested shoot a member of staff for an invite. However if you do want to fill something out, I'd recommend checking out our recruitment thread on the Runescape Official Forums. QFC is: 290-291-552-65785312. This is also where you will see how we do rankings, rules, etc. Why You Should Join: We're a friendly bunch of people who enjoy Runescape and the community as a whole. We have a fantastic staff team willing to help out whenever possible. We are, for the most part, drama-free, can't all be perfect haha. Oh and we have tea and cakes. :) F.A.Q: How do I become an Admin? All our admins are picked by Organiser+. To be an admin you need to be a Sergeant or higher, as it shows a dedication/loyalty to the clan. We do temp promotions if a member of staff can't hold the avatar and you want it out. How can I help out the clan? Well first, thanks for offering to help! You can help out by chatting in cc, helping to maintain an active social enviroment. There is also recruiting, and hosting events-as anyone can host anytime. :) I'm an Oldschool Player, can I still join? Unfortunately not, as we are a RS3 clan only. I'm an Ironman/HCIM, can I still join? Yes! I'm Free-To-Play, can I still join? Unfortunately not, because we don't do anything on the F2P worlds, so it wouldn't be fair to you. You're welcome to guest though! People to Contact if you have more Questions: Chrisseh; Leader and Owner of SomethingRoyal. Logging In; Leader and Deputy Owner of SomethingRoyal. FriendOverGP; Leader and Overseer of SomethingRoyal. Mick eh; Leader and Coordinator of SomethingRoyal. All four keep their PMs on 'Public' so if you have questions or just want to chat just shoot one a PM. :)
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