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  1. About us Hey everyone, I'm ParadoxuM, the recruitment manager and administrator of Provenance clan on Runescape. Provenance is primarily a P2P/F2P social hub in which users new and old can converse with each other in a relaxed, non-pressured and awesome environment. We don't claim to be a solely mature, professional, comedic, or a witty clan, because truthfully, the majority of our members fill at least one of these traits, and we are proud of our diverse personalities that we have with us today. We have a strong belief that recognition within clans is an extremely important process, with all of our members feeling as a key component to the success of our community. For the most part, many of our members are heavily invested within lore of runescape, and love discussing it! (Even involved in channels!) We accept people of all factions to actively take part in our community! Tidbit: A good majority of players within the clan are followers of the purple hoody hipster mannequin, but we have other members that support the red one with the smokers voice, the blue Colonel Sanders, the now headless one, and of course our lord Armadyl, the parrot lord! So don't be afraid to express your support for your god. Come join our clan chat channel and try us out! Who's who and what they do: Colours represented here are the known and openly supported gods The clan leaders: Owner: Myotismon Deputy Owner: Lethalintent Deputy owner: Unicornz pwn Admin: Eldar King Admin: ParadoxuM More will be updated on this at a later stage. Total member count as at 10/09/2015 22:08: 27 Clan rules CLAN RULES: -Obey the Runescape rules, This is a given for most if not all clans. -No outcry about your rank, Every members rank is discussed with the weekly meeting for the founders, rest assured nobody is ignored. -Don't suffer in silence, Real life and In game occurrences can be stressful, we by no means want you to keep it bottled up to yourself, if you need to get something off your chest or need a friendly ear, we're always here to Listen. -Show courtesy to clan mates at all times, While we allow free speech it's not something to be abused. Discrimination of any kind will not be tolerated. -Try to be in frequent communication with the members of the clan, you don't need to be the social life of the party, but we would greatly appreciate some conversational involvement from everyone. -No Lending/Trust trading items, or Begging. Always feel free to ask for advice from members, but be sure it doesn't cross over into asking for items. FAQ: Q: Do you enforce users to do citadel work? A: No, we do not pressurise our members into doing citadel work, as we strongly believe that member importance is more than just what they contribute to the citadel. We only ask that you visit the citadel once a week just to keep it open. Q: Why don't you just give money for people to join? A: No. If you want money to join this clan, then it isn't for you. Q: Will giving money to the founders/owners increase my chances of promotion? A: No. Using money as a metric to further enhance your status will not be tolerated. Q: How do people get promoted within the guild? A: The owners and founders meet weekly to discuss various aspects surrounding the guild, management, promotions and other. Q: Did you get bored and run out of things to write here? A: Probably, the chances of anybody reading this part is slim anyway How to join? We do not have a set way of joining our clan, however we have highlighted some methods below for you: You can do any of the following: 1. Message ParadoxuM in-game 2. Join our clan channel, it's just Provenance 3. You can fill out a non-detail required form: Username: What you'd prefer to be called: Total level: Quest Points: F2P/P2P: Favourite things to do in RS?: Current goals: Why have you chosen us?: How long do you play?: What's your history with clans?: Tell us a little bit about yourself: (As brief or in-depth as you like) How long have you been playing Runescape and how did you discover it?: Other than that, welcome to Provenance. We believe it is not your origins that define you, but your ability to grow and change. Everything that occurs in life - both good and bad - should be used to forge oneself, to change oneself, and above all, to better oneself. Those who let their origins define them, and in doing so resign their existence to mere fate, squander the gift of life.
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