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  1. Tips on were Id get more replies posting this?
  2. hey, I'm long retired, but still ave very fond memories of Runescape. I'm looking to get a group of four to six players together (mainly for pk) to start at level 1... together; do the necessary hour of training or so and then hop back and fourth between pk a light leveling. Stay Low level for a wile, (low def always) and that way keep our expenses/rebuff time way down, not having to use main profiles for much if anything at all. An account for once in a wile were we only play together and we fish, train, mine our needs together. Maybe divvy up the skills in pairs or something. Could save time. Id like to maybe get started today. But if you join you have to level on par wit the group. No shooting ahead or its pointless. This is more for low level pk fun, before our pk materials become an expense... so there's no need to lean on finance or make it too time consuming building a new char. Looking forward to your responses. (Edit: Lol the only thing I mispelt was the title, (from scratch)).
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