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  1. Introduction and General Information about [soM] Greetings and this is Haidric, the clan owner of [soM] Sons of Magnus. The idea behind of SoM popped up between a conversation between me and a friend of mine and we decided to wing it with dedication and commitment. We got some friends together all on a TS3 server and founded SoM one night. With that being said, I am putting a lot of work into building this clan on Darkscape - A game that supports PVP more than RS does in it's open world community. We wish to become the top clan on DS in terms of the following... Group PVP (includes clan vs clan, group pvp, and dueling as well - but we wont be focusing on dueling as much)Group Skilling (We will have our military assigned to protect our skillers, we leave no man to fend for himself)Group Boss Hunting (self explanatory)Group PVM (Loot Sharing)Smuggling (High/Mid and low risk)Group Events (such as drop parties exclusive to clan members, mini games, contests for and hosted by clan members)We use Teamspeak3 to communicate to people outside of our clan, as well as the inside of our clan. This is not to replace the in-game CC as not every member will be able to use TS3, and it's not a requirement to begin with - It's just to use as an easier means of communication. With that said you'll find our TS IP at the bottom of this posting. We will have social media available for the clan and it's members - such as a Facebook page, a Twitter, Reddit post for recruitment and news, a YouTube account (We may record during contests and group pvp, although the youtube page will be less focused on until we get a team of YouTubers on board the clan to run it. Our end goal at the end of the day is to work as a team, we do not accept lone wolves here and members who generally keep to themselves aren't welcomed. Miscellaneous Information - Owner: Haidric - Co-owner: Szerszen4s - Founded: November 3rd, 2015 - Home world: 206 - Clan chat: Sons of Magnus - Clan colors: Black, Red - Members: 11 - Banned members: 0 Clan Rules This list is not set in stone, and will be frequently changed.Respect fellow clan members - arguing, flaming, insulting or trolling gets you temp banned from CC and kicked from TS (temp/perma ban on TS depending on severity. We allow cursing, but be mature about it.Abusing Ranks (Kicking people/banning people without a valid reason) will result in a strip of rank and a possible kick/temp ban depending on severity.Intentionally selling items to a clan member at an unfair price can result in disciplinary actions. (Such as ordered to mine/woodcut/fish etc... a certain amount of a specific item - which is then handed to the abused member free of charge). Failure to do so will result in a kick. Severity doesn't matter, intentionally selling an item to a clan mate overpriced is considered stealing from the clan.Feeding false info to a clan mate asking a serious question in CC or TS (Such as a noob asking where the catas are in lumby) will result in a warning. You only get one warning. We are here as a team, not to short hand new players that fight under our flag.Membership Requirements Combat Level of 0+ (Subject to change)Total Skill Level of 0+ (Subject to change)Application Copy and fill out the following application to apply to the clan. 1. What is your combat level in game? - 2. What is your total level in game? - 3. What do you like doing most on Darkscape? - 4. What accomplishments are you most proud of ingame that you have achieved? - 5. If someone has invited you to join SoM, what is his/her name? - 6. What time-zone do you live in? - 7. Will you abide all the rules and respect the formalities within SoM? - 8. What are your past clan experiences? - 9. Have you ever been removed from a clan for misbehavior or misconduct? - 10. What do you look forward to after joining SoM, if you are accepted? - [soM]'s Teamspeak3 Server IP (Guests are welcomed) - ts13.freets3.net:10421 Clan Owner's Twitter - @DsHaidric
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