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  1. Anyone know any way getting the key to the black arms only friends with one person.. And they have no keys, or remember with gang they are in... Jumping to other servers, but most servers are sorta dead in Varrock.... So is there a server where people help out with this sort of thing?
  2. I didn't see either question, how about the worlds that doesn't state either? like one called fist of Guthix/minigames-free? I've also noticed the little flags beside it, do those suppose to indicated it at all? ya the old, old runescape was never this complex... lol
  3. Yap thats what I did, didn't know about the different worlds.. So how do I tell the difference between world modes? Thank you!
  4. I was jumping into other worlds, and all a sudden my game setup different, so I quickly went back to world I was in,. And the setup didn't change back.. Did they upgrade the game? Or I somehow accidentally hit a setting? If so how do I change it back? thank you!
  5. Someone on facebook filled me in on that. Thank you! I wish it would have explained in how to make them bit more.. I now have Two key tokens I'm carrying around.. What am I supposed to do with that? And for future quests/challenges, help, is there anywhere have in detail in how to complete them? Thank you!
  6. I'm sorta a new player. I played the old one long long ago.. Anyways, I'm having challenges problem... It wants me to craft 46 fragile mining urns, but when I craft them, it doesn't count them.. So what am I doing wrong? and have had this problem with other challenges.. It just doesn't want to count it. I'm a free player. other question is... I also carrying a key token, not sure where it came from.. Can't put it into bank, and when I try to use it. It tells me must use up an earned key before claimed another one.. So what do I do with it? Thank you for help...
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