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  1. Oh god, that link is exactly what I was looking for, and couldn't find something similar using Google.. Thanks a bunch!
  2. Hey! I came back to RS after a 4 year hiatus or something like that. I started a F2P account like a week ago and have been doing flipping and a little bit a combat mainly. I've made about 7.5m so I thought it would be a good idea to buy a bond now and start this account off as my main. Now, the problem is even though I've played runescape for a long ass time I've never played a P2P main, I only ever played Level 3 Skillers. So I don't know where to start off with a main and the bond only last half a month. I know it's not hard at all to make 2.5m during that time but I'd like to maximize my efficiency specially regarding what quests to complete first and whether I should do Achievement diaries or not. Everything will be pretty new to me as I didn't explore most areas with my skiller, never have done firecape or gotten barrows gloves, void set, done slayer, etc.. Guess I just want some guidelines to know what is "mandatory" to start off with on a main. My stats are 41atk 57str 40def 25mag 10pray 11mining 29smith 55cook 19fire 51wcing Rest is level 1. Every F2P quest is done except for dragon slayer.
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