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  1. There it is, the amazing Clueless Adventurers! I've been a part of this clan for not very long before moving on to an old friend's clan, but... really missed everyone here. Then, I just stopped playing Runescape at all. Or any games really, and haven't used my laptop in awhile. I just got my laptop back and started up Runescape again (I love Runescape NXT!) I'm definitely checking out The Clueless Adventurers Guest CC when I get back home from work! I'm sure everyone has forgotten me ;) Would be surprised if they haven't! Haha! Thanks for making this post, I was wondering about this clan and was trying to remember the name =)
  2. That's right. I'm a newbie. Well, not entirely a newbie. I've played Runescape many times before! BUT, never made it far every time I did play. So, I guess I'm still quite the newbie. That's probably because I couldn't find a friendly/helpful clan. I'm looking for a clan, no a family, to stick to and be happy with for many months to come. Maybe even years. I really do love Runescape. I just would love to find a family of people to be with and have fun with. Looking to make new friends, have great/fun adventures together, etc. I'm also looking for a clan that do weekly events for everybody to have fun in. Hide&Seek, parties in citadel, and many more events. Unfortunately, I just left a clan. So, I'd have to wait 7 days to be in your clan. So that's next Wednesday at 11pm (GMT -5) Reason why I left the clan?: I was pretty much being ignored. Honestly, they didn't really care for my feats/achievements, what I did cool, etc. because I'm a newbie who just started the game. I had plenty of questions to ask the clan, which they never responded to me. I just want a clan that takes newbies in open arms and are friendly towards them. I really do hope to find a great family and have a blast in Runescape with. I'd love to reach high combat level in Runescape. Maybe then, people will actually care that I'm around. =) I promise to be as active as I can be. And I'm a friendly and sweet guy and love helping others out in anyway I can. Especially once I get far in Runescape and am able to do some good to others in the family :) But, like I said, I have to wait 7 days. If you have Guest Clan Chat available... I'd be happy to join and check y'all out =)
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