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  1. Oh ok my bad lol if you look at there website it says "copyright 1999 - 2016.... All I remember was being in 4th grade and hearing my friends talk about it on the playground... Haha
  2. Made a quick page on FB! Feel free to like and share! https://m.facebook.com/RuneScape-Giveaways-1765918333650285/ I'll do my first giveaway! FIRST 10 LIKES WILL GET 10K GP!!!
  3. Hey everyone been playing since the original version in 99'. Today the game is kinda overwhelming... Wanting to try something new to pass time!! I'm thinking about doing weekly giveaways! Nothing huge just some free RuneScape items and gold... Pretty much in am nutshell I'm thinking of creating a FB page amd do live steaming once a week and have games like a quiz show or... "We're am I" were I will live stream and give hints to my location and the first person to find me wins a prize! Would be curious if people would be interested! Let me know and I'll get a page set up! Comment below if interested!
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