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  1. Welcome and thanks for checking out Tempest Prime! Check out our RS Forum Post Here: http://[Use Quick Find Code]/a=12/c=HK2CWngm4XE/[Please Use QuickFind Code]?92,93,457,65837916 Tempest Prime is a brand new clan, born recently on September 29th 2016Though our numbers are small, we aspire to grow and lead our clan - with your help - to greatness! We are a community clan based on W36 We hope to provide a haven to speak your mind and make new friends (but please keep drama to a minimum). Requirements: 2000+ Total Level OR 120+ Combat Level We must also ask that, for the time being, you contribute to our Clan Citadel as we'd love to have our own T7 with 3 avatars available for maximum efficiency. The Citadel is only T1 currently and we're aiming for T2 and our first avatar. Some of our clan Events include: PvM Citadel Capping Dungeoneering Penguin Hunting Skilling Competitions PM These people to Join:Frankomisk0Exit TragedyNeximusPrimeAbraxzus
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