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  1. BACK IN THE DAY, shortly after RS2 came out - I had a staker called Nizzys Mager. Me and a friend Chr0nicPker (something like that, I have lost touched with him) made a few videos together. I was popular enough to be recognized on my lvl 37 varrock pker Ivlr Postal in F2P. I also made a few videos on my melee staker called Postals Bank. These videos featured a makeshift Futurama opening, the Can't Touch This parody by Family Guy, and I got the magic stick. I have lost these videos over time and have been hoping they appear someday again. I was inspired by Magin Ya Up to make my mage staker. I just found Magin Ya Up in the background of this video. MUTE IT FOR YOUR OWN SAKE https://youtu.be/4gUj_iz5YE8?t=57 Found this channel for anything who is interested in old rsc videos. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCoe7uoQ09qdXSFgASswQjCw
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