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  1. Hello everyone I use to play runescape like it was going out of style back in 2007 and I recently tried runescape out again. Now, I use to be in a clan long ago we all trusted each other and stuck together no matter what, we pked in the wild everyday and that is the clan that I'm looking for today.We were all range/strength/mage pures mind you. I prefer f2p even though I can easily upgrade to members if need be. I'm currently working on a ranged/strength pure atm his combat level is 28 atm. If anyone knows of a f2p pk clan that is looking for recruits please, send me a message on tip.it or add me in game and send me a message. I'm active and I'm ready to dominate. My username for old school is DonkeyFunk add me in game and I will reply, have a good day everyone.
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