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  1. Depends on the budget, if you have extra gold to spend then this would be an ideal setup. Full red dhide Archer's helmet Glory/fury Ranger boots/climbers/or snakeskin Red dhide vambs/barrows gloves Unholy Book/ Rune kite shield Any type of throwing knife/ Bone C'bow And i'd recommend training at sand crabs until about 70, or keep it classic and kill blue dragons or any dragon you prefer.
  2. this is absolutely awesome iron knives are always a good money maker it seems. i've never noticed it become a loss of gp per knife which is odd, but very helpful.
  3. As runecrafting is probably the absolute worst skill besides agility it is such a high money maker. With natures at 229 as of right now if you're over 91 you can make absolutely bankzorz
  4. Hello! I'm actually new to Tip.It but i've always loved forums of all sorts. I just figured I'd say hello to everyone. I'm 22, and from Tennessee. I've been playing Runescape for around 14 years and i've always loved it. Anytime i've ever "quit" i always seem to find myself coming back. I've had a couple higher level accounts (up in the 100's bracket) but anytime i come back i always seem to choose to start a new account, pretty odd. I just find it more fun to start over, but anyway that's a little about myself and i look forward to meeting you guys, ciao! :)
  5. Crazy how you can actually become "good" at this game. I remember back when I had played for years and STILL knew nothing. RuneScape sure isn't what it used to be, not complaining just stating a fact!
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