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  1. Thanks for your good luck wishes. Jagex are really stooping to lower measures. With the new appeal system, they made it clear that members that were banned will be allowed a 2nd appeal 30 days after their 1st appeal, if their 1st appeal with the new system is denied. I was 1 day into my renewed membership when I was banned, my 1st appeal with the new system was denied, and 7 weeks on, I'm not able to use the 2nd chance appeal that they promised. A thread I made in the RS forums, asking why I've not been given that 2nd appeal, has been ignored for 17 days so far, and still going. Also, Jagex have now made it so that accounts that were banned for RWT'ing are no longer looked at on the Account Review thread. I don't understand why. From a thread I made on the forums, at least 5 people posted that they were banned for RWT'ing, and are now unbanned. So it's clear that some accounts banned for RWT'ing have been unbanned as Jagex made a mistake. But they're now ignoring all accounts banned for RWT'ing. Ridiculous. All hope is lost. But I'll continue to vent my frustration, and I have every right to do so.
  2. I guess it's not all black and white. But I still think their attitude towards not even giving a warning to those that obviously took advantage of the bug is ridiculous. I mean people were posting things like "Hah, that glitch was fun while it lasted" on the forums, obviously confessing to exploiting a bug but Jagex didn't care. I'm sure many many more people will be exploiting short-lived bugs from now on. Thanks for your time and input Whitt. I don't think anyone can deny how bad their customer services are. Thanks for your good luck wishes, much appreciated and much needed.
  3. It doesn't matter how much "damage" was caused. The bug was blatantly obvious. People exploited the bug. Exploiting bugs is against the rules. A few people made big bucks from drops at GWD, some people got through a bunch of Fire Cave waves thanks to the bug. There's proof of the bug abuse, yet Jagex doesn't even plan to give those bug-abusers just a warning. It's a joke. I've had a thread active on RS forums asking them what the reason was for no action being taken on those bug-abusers, and not a single Mod has answered in 9 days. Are you denying that their system is flawed? They ban people who look suspicious, but they don't even warn rule-breakers when they have firm evidence of it. The fact that they go around saying "our detection systems are flawless" and yet they unban people accused of RWT'ing after their 4th or 5th appeal just proves it. Jagex wont let RWT'ers back in the game if they have evidence of a RWT, so why did it take 4 or 5 appeals for some people to return?
  4. RoxyMcFoxy: Thanks for sparing your time to read through the thread and for posting input. Some good suggestions there and it'd be better if a system like that was created, but I really doubt Jagex would spend their time creating it. stillballin: Thanks for your support and understanding, even though I'm unable to provide any hard-evidence. Exactly, "furious" doesn't even suffice in my case. After 3-4 years of honest game play and a clean "criminal record", being removed from the game due to a suspicious unbalanced trade... However, I managed to post on the RS forums without it being locked for once and quite a few people have posted that they too were banned in 2007 for RWT due to unbalanced trades and a few of them had their recent appeals accepted. It took one person 5 appeals before he was unbanned after sharing loot that he got with his friends dropped by an NPC. This gives me hope, since I thought they would never let people who were accused back in the game but it looks like after constant appeals, someone finally looks into the evidence properly. I've been told I can appeal in a month for the last time, so 5th time lucky? Something interesting posted by someone on my thread: Now, I didn't know until a few days ago that "if there is any doubt to whether a player broke a rule or not that they will always side with the player". I can't understand why so very few RWT cases are unbanned then. How can they have no doubt in a situation where the only suspicious act is an unbalanced trade? On another note; a couple days ago on 09/06/09, Jagex released an update which cased many many bugs in RS. A lot of NPC's did no retaliate (GWD bosses, Fire Caves, Aviansies etc), Familiars didn't summon, the GE and bankers were not working properly, and a few other glitches. This went on for 30 minutes or so before Jagex fixed it. During these 30 minutes, many people exploited these bugs by going to Fight Caves and doing several waves since the NPCs didn't attack, and many others went and solo'ed GWD bosses. Quite a few of these players posted on the forums saying "oh attacking the bosses while they couldn't retaliate was fun while it lasted". Jagex then made an announcement that no-one will be banned for Bug-abuse. Why? Their reason was "no harm was done". So what about those players that made money thanks to a bug? Why were many people banned during the Penguin Points bug? No harm was done either then right? Answer:- They realised that a mass ban would damage their potential income, so they avoided it. So they're happy to ban people for RWT'ing, with just an unbalanced trade as evidence, but when there's clear-cut evidence, and people even admitting they exploited the bug, they let them off? If this doesn't show you how very flawed Jagex are, I don't know what will.
  5. After almost 1 month, I received my reply to my appeal. Denied. No evidence. The same reply I received 3 years ago, "you were in control of the account...". Suprise suprise. I don't know whether to laugh or cry. What a joke. So now I need some info to take it to a higher authority. Is there a possibility that a higher power can make Jagex show evidence of me RWT'ing, and if there is no evidence, I will be un-banned? I had renewed my membership the day before I was banned. I'll go over the advice that was posted earlier, but can anyone else help? Thanks in advance.
  6. Thank you Momo and Raven. I stopped checking this thread since most of the comments were assumptions that I was banned correctly, and Jagex is always right. Thanks for not being prejudice (Raven especially, since you haven't experienced being banned wrongly). I believe you Momo. And that's ridiculous. I know of others that were banned for RWT when sharing the loot too. How can they not spot the difference? And how can they still deny the appeals almost 3 years later? Yes, they don't read appeals. Or at least they didn't back then. I know that for a fact. I'm still waiting for a response on this new appeal, but like I said before, I have no hope anymore. And it's better this way I guess, so I won't feel crushed yet again when it's denied.
  7. Yes they were. And I understand now why they panicked and banned anything that looked suspicious. But after the GE and trade limit came into place, RWT'ing hardly existed (I think) and they released Account Reviewing. I would have thought that at this time, they would un-ban those that were banned for RWT'ing with only an unbalanced trade as evidence. However, the fact that my appeal was denied, and that I've never seen/heard of someone accused of RWT'ing being un-banned is a joke. I'm hoping that with this new Appeal System they'll finally look into it properly.
  8. If you did RWT, and they have evidence that you RWT'ed, then I don't think you have any chance. Even those that didn't RWT but an unbalanced trade made it look like they did don't have much of a chance (like my account). They don't seem to care for those that were accused of RWT'ing, seeing as they don't look into it properly (Proven by my appeal being denied in 2 minutes, and someone I know having their appeal denied 18 seconds after he sent it off). I'm sorry to say it, but I really hope that you're not un-banned. It's people like you that cost me my account, and 4 years of my time.
  9. Thank you. I AM telling the truth, and Jagex ARE doing wrong. I wouldn't be pleading Jagex to investigate my account thoroughly 26 months after I was banned if all they'd find there is proof of a RWT.
  10. Enough talk about Court and sueing Jagex. Has anyone that appealed for a ban received a reply yet? It's been 11 days since I appealed. I'm hoping this means they're checking through each appeal thoroughly, rather than them covering up some sort of difficulty with responding to appeals.
  11. I've had a few bad experiences. But you learn from your mistakes. I lost 24M about 4 years ago in a (Cat/rat - can't remember exactly) amulet scam. Where a clan made several threads buying and selling the ammies on the discontinued item forums at 500K each, and a Moderator made a sticky on the forums saying the ammies were now discontinued. I bought 48 ammies at 500K each, and I was just about to sell them at 1M each, when the sticky was edited, and a Mod said that they weren't discontinued. I fell for it, and it's funny now that I look back on it. A year before that, I lost about 12M when I was hacked. This was when a lot of Tipit'ers were hacked. I had the same RS password as my Tipit password. Probably not the right forum, but I lost about 1.5B 2 years ago, during the mass RWT ban, where I was banned for lending my friend an item which he returned just before we were banned. The unbalanced trades seemed to look suspicious enough to be punished with a ban.
  12. Sarcasm isn't appreciated. I understand that you believe I RWt'ed because Jagex banned me for it, and like I said, I don't blame you for it. I'm asking the questions simply to understand a bit more. I would have no intention to even consider trying to bring an end to Runescape, unless the day I quit, my account was still banned. So basically, since they have don't have evidence of a RWT, they'd be forced to un-ban me, and others that were banned purely due to unbalanced trades.
  13. Jagex are obliged to show the consumer protection authorities and the police the evidence that they have in banning a player right? And if they ban a player for RWT'ing, an unbalanced trade wouldn't be sufficient evidence and Jagex could get sued (possibly if they've banned a lot of members with their evidence being an unbalanced trade), or the player WILL be refunded and get their account back, right? If anyone happens to know, I'd appreciate it.
  14. False. Again, see the Unfair Terms in Consumer Contracts Regulations 1999 and Unfair Contract Terms Act 1977. Basically, if they can ban members without reason, they are in reality selling nothing while claiming to sell a game. That is called fraud. The manufacturer (Jagex) is responsible of the sold product (membership credit) being not defect. It cannot be excluded by the terms and conditions. For every member ban there MUST be a valid reason. Otherwise Jagex is committing fraud (an intentional deception made for personal gain or to damage another individual) which is a serious crime that can result in jail sentence. I suggest anyone who is a member and has been banned for no reason to contact the consumer protection authorities. If the authorities tell that Jagex is wrong, and Jagex doesn't still do anything about it (refunding or fixing the defect product), you should send a crime report to the police or directly sue Jagex. __________ The part "we may stop an account for any reason" has been removed from the T&C long time ago, most likely because police, court or some other authorities have told Jagex that it is illegal. Thanks very much for your time and advice. I would never have even considered notifying higher authorities of this situation, since I'm one of those people that skims through the T&C, and doesn't take anything in. I'll most definitely be taking your advice and I'll contact the consumer protection authorities if my appeal is denied. I know for a FACT that I was wrongly banned since I've NEVER RWT'ed. Thanks again for your help, much appreciated :)
  15. No they don't. I think with the new system, those banned of minor offences (swearing etc) have their bans removed after 1 year. Those accused of more serious offences (RWT'ing, bug-abuse) won't.
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