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  1. Omali
    I promised I would try to get my Runescape related articles posted here, here is my latest
    The Blokes At ROM
    I was going about my daily Facebook activities (posting creepy Woody pictures), and lo and behold, I came across the following ad:

    You'll notice that this ad links to "secure.jagex.com," and I quite honestly expected that this was either A.) a scam ad that managed to get through, or B.) Jagex was advertising on Facebook, which I don't believe that they do (with my activities, I've seen almost every MMO developer that advertises on Facebook). So naturally I clicked on the ad, and was taken here

    Really? Runes of Magic? Take one more look at the URL in the Facebook ad. "secure.jagex.com." The screenshot in the ad appears to be from Runes of Magic, but someone who has never played either game wouldn't know that. The ad does do a good job of tip-toeing around, but outright claims to be Jagex by inserting a false link to Jagex.com. This isn't parody like Global Agenda's ads or Rift's "We're not in Azeroth anymore." This ad is explicitly misleading people into believing they are viewing an ad for a Jagex product, when really they are being directed to Runes of Magic.
    Facebook is already aware of the fraudulent ad, and information has been forwarded to Jagex's legal department. If this is a third party ad agency, Frogster needs to drop them before they wind up on the receiving end of a false advertising (and likely fraud) lawsuit. If this is Frogster's doing, someone in the advertising office should be getting his pink slip, yesterday.
  2. Omali
    I was going through old documents on my computer, when I found this poem I'd saved that I'd posted on the forums some time ago. The creation date is 9/30/09, and I don't remember exactly the context of the thread, just that it was spur of the moment and was quite a hit. Hopefully you'll enjoy reading it as much as I did when I came across it.
    Once upon a Runescape topping[1]
    As I was standing, swinging, chopping,
    Slaving over my amore.
    When of the crown a tiny crash,
    A nested nest for my behest,
    Only a ring, and nothing more.
    So I persisted, tempers flaring,
    I was swearing, issues sharing,
    Telling all of my amore.
    In the corner, small and wary,
    The lightest voice the wind did carry,
    "ur a nub" and nothing more.
    And so I stood there, chopping, talking,
    This tiny imp to stop his squawking,
    Arguing over what has been seen before.
    A flash, a grip, the throw of an axe,
    My foe has fallen, in his tracks,
    Just an imp, now nothing more.
    Returning my attention bleak,
    To my chopping, prospects meek,
    Hoping to be acquainted with my amore.
    When out of the corner, my eye was catching
    A roundish object, gray and fetching,
    A raven's egg, and nothing more.
    So I sprinted, forcing will,
    The egg, the chasing, down a hill,
    Shaking towards my great amore.
    When out the tree a bird did land,
    A blackened raven, making stand,
    Quoth the raven, "Never more."
    Just out of reach, that egg did stop,
    In a flash that egg did pop,
    As I stared longingly at my great amore.
    Without a flash the egg was nary,
    In sight, in grasp, or in my carry,
    The egg was gone, and nothing more.
    When on my knees I did protest,
    Many words for my small guest,
    When shall I receive my amore?
    That raven looked upon me, eyes did pierce,
    I'd never seen a stare so fierce,
    Quoth the raven, "Nevermore"
  3. Omali
    What happens when Usher and a goat team up to record an album? The greatest song of all time!
    Created in one very bored evening with Audacity. Below is the original goat video:
  4. Omali
    I promised that I would republish all of my Runescape related articles on MMO Fallout here, so here it is.

    Back in pre-MMO Fallout 2008, I pondered whether or not Square Enix hired sadists to create the biggest bosses for Final Fantasy XI, and if I remember correctly my verdict was yes. Of course, the barrel of that days gun was pointed at Beyond The Limitation, a Final Fantasy guild that gave a detailed description of their fight against the boss Pandemonium Warden, before they finally gave up and trudged out some 20+ transformations and 18 hours later. Oddly enough, the group left the fight so that their, presumably 20+ hour, victory would not have been picked up by the press and used against gamers. Rather, their defeat was picked up by the press and used against Square Enix, especially the following quote:
    So Square Enix later altered the boss battle, and several others, to be shorter, but the story still stands almost two years later as one of the remaining reasons why MMOs have some of their less desirable reputations, mind numbing tediousness.
    But speaking of mind numbing segues, Runescape launched a pretty substantial update to the mini-game Castle Wars, a capture-the-flag style game where players representing one of two deities fight to take the other teams flag. Each Castle Wars game lasts 20 minutes, and on more populated worlds regularly runs down to who can zerg rush with the most area of effect spells.
    The armor Castle Wars provided was something of a status symbol, as despite not being particularly powerful, the armor took a lot of dedication to the game to obtain. For winning a game of Castle Wars, you gain two tickets. A tie results in one ticket, and a loss results in no tickets. At twenty minutes per round, even the most basic set requires almost five hours of game time, assuming you win every match.
    The rewards become increasingly ridiculous as you move up to the tier 4 armor, as shown in the chart below:

    Rank 4 armor, Profound, requires a minimum of 1,975 games (this is assuming you win every game), which will take 658 hours to complete. This amounts to over 27 days of pure Castle Wars, 24 hours a day, assuming you win every game you ever play. To put it bluntly:

    For each win, the statistic remains the same.
    For each tie, add 20 minutes.
    For each loss, add 40 minutes.
    Every time your win:loss ratio goes down 10%, you waste over 70 hours of pure game time. So a player with a 75% rating will lose over seven and a half days of pure game time. That is an extra 182 hours of time spent making no progress. To top it off, my figures dont include the wait time in between rounds. Factor that in, and you end up with almost 150% of the previous estimation.

    The Castle Wars professional cape, which costs 2 tickets, is only available after playing five thousand games of Castle Wars. Accomplishing this would take almost 87 days, factoring in waiting time, playing 24 hours a day. I dont dictate to players how they should spend there time, but there is a fair line between grind and ridiculous that both the Profound armor and the Professional cape crosses. Players who obtain this cape will surely be greeted as they wear it in the streets, but I have a feeling it wont be with the respect they might anticipate.
    More on Runescape as it appears.
  5. Omali
    For two weeks I've been on a "vacation." By vacation, of course, I mean I've been house sitting and watching my sister's dog while my mom went on vacation to Aruba.
    Chance (the dog) is a very intelligent dog, and as pathetic as this sounds, it turned into two weeks of trying to outwit a dog. Aside from being a complete bastage, he's a very needy animal, not to mention thinking he's a ten pound lapdog. He's 80 pounds, fyi.
    One thing I didn't have was access to a computer, so I went cold turkey on the internet and gaming for about two weeks straight. *shudder*
    But I'm back!
    Ranters beware...
  6. Omali
    Jagex, makers of the browser based MMO Runescape, recently struck a marketing deal with Zapak to bring Runescapes marketing and distribution to India. For those not familiar with Zapak, the website is a portal of web based games. The Indian version of Miniclip if you will.
    But one bit of advertising caught my eye: On Zapaks front page, the following image can be seen advertising Runescape:

    How tacky. Im hoping this is Zapaks artwork because, if it is, we can play it up to ignorance. Evony, formerly Civony, was widely panned for its continuing advertising campaign, featuring nothing but women with large breasts, a marketing campaign that spiraled down into just breasts. In fact Evony was voted the most despised game on the internet for just that same reason.
    Then again, it could be worse. Jagex could be owned by a goldfarming-I said nothing. Maybe Im just a little tender to anything that reminds me of Evony, considering I would estimate 60% of the spam comments I get are advertisements for this scam game.
    Some Evony banners, and breasts, coming up:

  7. Omali
    As if running Planet FunOrb and MMO Fallout wasn't enough, now I stand running yet another forum, but dedicated to the Tip.It boards, and probably to Runescape as well.
    First off, the obligatory "about me" bit. I'm 20 years old, and I currently live in New York. Currently I am majoring in Communication Arts, where I hope to move on to obtain my degree in broadcasting, along the spectrum of radio. I'm 20 years old, but my tragic flaw is in my baby face. I still get carded to get into R RATED MOVIES (I just went to see Zombieland and they asked for my ID), not to mention I get looked at like a thief when I try to pay with a debit card, which you can obtain at 16. I even had the bad luck of my to-be boss at my previous job ignoring me, as he thought I was 13 (This was last year).
    I currently have the highscore for blood pressure, thanks to two jobs, five college courses, and two websites: 145/73 with a pulse of 100, which puts me between Stage 1 and Stage 2 hypertension. That's actually an improvement over what it used to be. At my old blood pressure, my doctor warned me that I was at a major risk of a heart attack, or possibly a stroke, as early as 23.
    I can't wait for Tip.It to port some of their old themes over to the new forums. This is way too white for me, and I'm referring to someone about as pale as this glass of milk I'm drinking.
    Anyway, more to come!
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