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  1. If anyone out there is in this situation again - like I was tonight - here's what happened to me: Had this same issue and couldn't for the life of me find an answer anywhere but somehow I fixed it (I have absolutely no idea how or why, but this is exactly what I did) Read through a thousand forums without finding a confirmed solution, just an indication that the java update was the issue and an indication that it could be due to some sort of sound settings Deleted all cache and literally anything that was associated with the word 'jagex'. Still not working so I downloaded the official OSRS client, still the same issue. Chucked a little tantrum because everything was systematically messing up on my computer. (this step is important) Looking through forums to post my issue and seek help and computer froze Restarted computer and RS client started up and loaded all the way Thought i'd see if OSbuddy would do the same and it did. - Hooray Pat myself on the back because even though I have no idea what I did - I'm a genius. You're welcome.
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