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  1. How do you get a watch? I have tried everything!!! I have gotten 16 scrolls as drops already, started the quest "you are it", finished the Observatory and Watchtower quests, opened and read the Astronomy book, talked to the assistant (Patrick) and then finally to Brother Kojo, but he just keeps thanking me and doesn't give or offer a watch! I have scrolls in my backpack during this entire time.
  2. I am working on the quest "You are It" with all the scrolls that keep dropping (I have 15!!) But I cannot obtain a watch! The Grand Exchange doesn't recognize "watch", I keep trying to talk to Brother Kojo and he doesn't give me a watch. I have completed the Watchtower and the Observatory quests, opened up the Astronomy book to see the start chart, still cannot find any other chart, still cannot find a watch!!!

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