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  1. Various updates: 1 - Eagle's Peak Rework and Memorial to Guthix. 2 - World Gate Icon 3 - White Wolf Mountain and Catherby Graphical Update 4 - Falador and Port Sarim Graphical Update 5 - Lumbridge Crater various updates 6 - Paterdomus and Silverarea Graphical Update + Addition Senntister insane asylum 7 - Removal of the fence in digsite, making this area F2P 8 - Addition of Menaphos 9 - Sophanem Rework 10 - Desert Rework 11 - Addition of Camel Warriors area 12 - Addition of Archeron's Mammoth's Iceberg 13 - Ripper Demons Dungeon 14 - Araxxi Hive 15 - Sliske Dungeon 16 - Slayer Tower Rework 17 - Grand Exchange center booth I think it is... Can i help in someway?
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