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  1. Sprapple, because it's pink and purple not black and death :rolleyes:
  2. No I said NPC lol and you know who my NPC will look like if they put this in ;)
  3. Ok years ago I had this idea and now I want to bring it back again. I would love for the Player Owned house to have a nice update, where we (the players) can get married to NPC's and have children (adopt) and then we make our house a home. Ideas would be. Your NPC Wife/Husband would work a stall in Varrock or somewhere, they would bring in money for the player (You would put money into like a coffer, like Miscellania) your Wife/Husband customisation will be a key feature as well, to make them look how you would like. Your NPC children would find things for you and give them to you, in return you could find them items to make them happy. You could also find rares and hand to them, to show off to your player friends when they come in your house. Other bonuses could be implemented and I would love to hear others ideas. I would like to say this is 2018 as well and I do think same sex marriages should be allowed. I think this could open up many possibilities and would be fun for all, I mean we have Player Owned Farms now, so this could be the next step. What are your thoughts on this?
  4. My name is Luke Blundell and I am planning to come back to Runescape, many of you may already know me from the clan Sprapple, (Sprapple is life, Sprapple is love and he is such a cutie), I am mainly playing OSRS and I have ideas, so watch this space..... Shout out to my lovely ex Windmill12, who is now Cranachan8, who has helped me through a lot of things and been my rock, ever since I came out (yes I am gay, in case you didn't realise ;) ) Anyway hope to see you all soon in game, would love to make some new friends as I have been rather lonely recently, I do have some mental health problems but I won't bore you with them but I am just a normal person, I just say it as it is, no need to beat around the bush really, I am open and honest, life is too short to be hiding and pretending, be yourself. Love to all you guys and if you want to hit me up, then feel free to add me in game <3 xx :wub:
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