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  1. Introduction To Submission Submission has had a stable community since 2013, but Submission has decided to take a step into a different direction. As we proudly open Submission as a PvM community, we'd like to show you what we have to offer. The community that we have right now is very diverse, we go above and beyond to provide the best experience to those looking to gain enjoyment from PvMing whether that’s through Raiding or Bossing. The Leaders of Submission have numerous years of experience running Communities and therefore you won’t be dissatisfied with the outcome of our community that we create from here on out. Clan Information Discord: https://discordapp.com/invite/KGzUHM7 Forums: http://submission-rs[LikelyScam] Twitter: https://twitter.com/SubmissionRS YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCplC025o6QWTtz4GE2TYCEA Leaders: Duggie & Daep Introducing Yourself & Enquiries Create a Community Introduction on our forums (A Community Introduction is not required but is recommended for us to get to know you better) or post one as a reply using the template given below. If you wish to enquire about Submission, please contact the correct rank; Link Here or if you wish to ask any general queries that you have, you can visit our Public Discord, Twitter, YouTube or try contacting us through the appropriate game. Our Requirements Application Template Discord is our required Communication, Please make sure you have this downloaded. 1. Please state your in-game username: 2. What's your Timezone? 3. How did you find out about Submission? 4. Does your account have all required gear and stats? If not, by when will this be complete? (Please View the above for the requirements) 5. List all Previous & Current Clans, Teams or Communities you've been apart of (Include The Amount of Time). 6. Do you know anybody in Submission or have any referrals?: 7. Have you read the thread explaining our rules within Submission? (Read Here)?: 8. What do you offer to Submission's Community?: 9. Why would you like to join Submission?: 10. Would you like to add anything?:
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