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  1. Is there damage difference between mithrill and emerald bolts or is it just the poison effect?
  2. Does black mask also help during slayer task when you use ranged?
  3. thnx all for ideas I need to ask some of my friends to get those fremmy cloacks and I myself try to get some money to buy a better ammy:)
  4. thnx for the rates :thumbsup: As requested heres with power ammy + my stats after 2 weeks. Also my personal favourite pendant of lucien looks pretty cool:) EDIT: I dont like the way obby cape looks and yes I've been thinking about fury:)
  5. ya just noticed I posted in wrong section :? Someone move plz? Edit: thnx for the move
  6. Plz rate 1-10/10 and give some ideas if you have good ones to share:) I really like spending on my outfit:) P.S two weeks old char
  7. Ok thnx I just have to hope that nats are a rare drop:)
  8. Ya I get what you mean but I thought it helps with the rarity for example getting abby whips or rune meds
  9. Im currently killing basilisks to get natures. My question is should I wear row or not? I only care about nats
  10. I really don't need money right now cause I got everytihing I need:) But I get some cash doing pc for 5 hours a day 8-)
  11. so does the verac special work against every monster or just someones?
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