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  1. Oh god, auto skull multi lol? Main clans are going to have collective field days. :o
  2. Well if all the good things in rs came from ingame achievements, what would you do with all your illegitimate gp?
  3. Well right now, Jagex has simply blotted out the ability to trade at will in order to get at the Autoers. This eliminates the vast majority of intelligent aspects of RS, and I think we can all agree is a negative thing. Soooo, they want to stop the selling of gold right? Jagex themselves put it best by stating that the answer was to make gold farming unprofitable. How to do this? Make all the highest achievements of the game player won. Think firecapes but for the majority of high end gear. With this in place, money would no longer be the means to "winning" rs, and the gp:rl cash ratio would rise through the roof. Several other mmorpgs do this with relative success, why not rs?
  4. That... Makes sense. Yeah I have no f'ing clue as to why Jagex didn't just do this, it seems to be the industry standard and functioning just fine.
  5. With the new bounty system it seems that one itemers are going to take over. The way I read the update, if you kill someone who is not your mark, you will be stuck in the arena for three minutes. This is akin to death, as it is unlikely your food will last that long. This means that if someone jumps on your back with a dds, if you fight back and kill him you will probably be killed by other no cash men shortly thereafter. These players are risking nothing, and now have an added protection to their despoiling of other player's items. With no reason not to, and all the reasons in the world to, expect to see a massive influx of players looking to smash your day at no personal risk.
  6. I've heard WoW referenced quite a bit in these discussions. What exactly is their "solution?" Besides pricing the game significantly higher than RS. They hyperinflate their currency and make it so that money alone cannot buy success. The idea is that the best way to succeed will be playing the game for yourself. Think firecape, but for everything.
  7. Reading the development diary I bumped across this justification for essentially eliminating free trade from RS. Now here's a funny thought. Just imagining the folks at Jagex walking into Blizzard and asking for advice on improving their game. "Suuuuure, all you have to do to eliminate autoers is nerf free will along with the foundation of your game's economy, you should see a swing in user share in no time!" Did our programming friends just get pwned?
  8. All the current easiness means is that different levels of money are appreciated. Making a partyhat, well respected. :roll:
  9. That depends a lot on the rules. Annnd... The odds have little to do with whether or not something is gambling. Poker for example is highly influenced by skill. It is addicting enough to be deleted when players are canceling their memberships and quitting because it takes up too much time. Apparently pking is not there yet, but wait? Have the odds been lowered? Let's see, fighter torsos, defenders, fire capes, barrows gloves... Maybe they have?
  10. Very, very true. That does not mean we should not change things to be less harmful however. In Jagex's case their action was certainly extreme, a less radical line could easily have been drawn. At some point though, controls need to be placed on certain activities. It seems that Jagex considered staking to be out of hand and in need of control. I personally agree with that decision, but that aspect of it is a matter of opinion. The fact that power staking effected other parts of game balance in negative ways is one less open to discussion. It is likely that tbd felt this way and refrained from mentioning to the user base on the basis that it would be unpopular.
  11. Well they are not looking at it from a moral angle, they are looking at it as a profit minded company. Sure it's people's free choice as to whether or not they play, but when they play too much and quit the game because of it (as I did) it becomes Jagex's problem. And of morals? It is generally accepted that we don't offer gambling to kids. The time required to get rs items is a huge investment, you are actually gambling hours of your life. Let's give unlimited access to a user base under the age of 20 and see what happens eh? Not our fault if there is abuse... :thumbsup: It is true that users should be accountable, but setting a system up which you know will probably screw them over is definitely not ethical or financially sound.
  12. I hadn't actually looked at that one, but doing it now, it appears that it deals a lot more with the gold farmer and mass profit angle. I am speaking about the obsessive aspect of staking.
  13. Yeah, it's actually not in Jagex's best interest to have people play a lot. When the game becomes addictive, people tend to quit because it damages life too much. All Jagex is after is your need to play a little every month. They want consistent members, not hardcore ones.
  14. Hey tipit, This November I quit Rs after playing for more than five years. The last four years of RS time were spent dueling and occasionally pking with my clan the Mayhem Makers. Dueling seemed great at first. Before it was against the rules, I used twin accounts with different names to win myself about 100 santa hats in value. Later with my original account, gragnowrackl, I hit a peak of about 5.7bil in rares and cash. Dueling was perfect. The problem was, it was too good. During summers few days would pass in which I would not stake 4-6 hours a day. The roller coaster of the arena was very addictive and very time consuming. Because it seems that the majority of Runecape's users are in the 12-17 bracket, allowing this kind of compulsive online gambling is a terrible thing. Many mature adults cannot handle similar situations, can children be expected to? I certainly couldn't. Additionally, as more and more players got maxed combat, achievement became about money. The most committed and hardest working of Runescape's population had no chance for status against the crafty, and it seems many players found no trouble even in PURCHASING high combat mains. Staking took the focus off of much else in rs. I don't have time to say more, or to edit this, so that is all for now. Kudos Jagex.
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