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  1. Hi everyone! We recently opened our own office and would like to install video cameras in this office that would last a long time to track the lateness of employees, and just buy cameras as part of security, so that we can have at least some information about bad things. I would like not to spend much on this case, but at the same time, the equipment should be of high quality. Colleagues recommend trying the devices of ajax, so I would like to find out from the real owners, is it as good as it is spoken of?
  2. I was called frozen heart because I usually did not show any vivid emotions, I am not a fan of exposing my feelings to others. I cried once when we were told that my favorite astronomy teacher had died. He was a very bright person, a real fan of his subject. His classes were more like philosophy lessons. He opened a whole new world to us, but he always tried to discuss with us in general everything that happened in the world.
  3. Hey! My name is Slevin. Glad to be a part of this community!
  4. The National - Never Tear Us Apart
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