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  1. It's been a while but I updated with a new one, really starting to set the story into motion, trying to shift away from the format of the first few. http://mmorpc.com Let me know what you think, thanks!
  2. Hey, everyone, I do a webcomic called MMORPC. Link: http://Http://mmorpc.com Click here to view the first one: Strip #1 A lot of humor is derived from MMO environments, Runescape included, so figured some of you guys might be into it. Let me know what you think.
  3. Crazy necro post I know but, still on topic since its the only one of its kind in the forums though, so I figured Id just add to it. It has been about a year since I updated the comic but I finally made another strip for it - big improvement in art and layout. MMORPC - Strip #15 is up. Let me know what you think, thanks!
  4. Lol sorry, I make the comic they linked.
  5. Just popped in to say, thanks for the link ;)
  6. Ive actually looked at those hosts in the past, prefered drunkduck but now that platinum studios owns it I'd rather host myself. I'm currently working on a new privately hosted site, so there wont be any free host ads or links and stuff like that -- pure MMORPC. It's almost finished just have to work out the code for a few more things and it should be good to go. It will look a lot more professional or pro-am lol. I see that background and it looks terrible to me. I'll probably make a new one, maybe a couple, for all resolutions once I get the new site up.
  7. Wow, no feed back lol? Frightening.
  8. Wow, can't believe I forgot to post here to let you know about strips #13 and #14 being uploaded lol. #15 will be made as soon as I can put some effort into a new site (which is half finished so yay!) Let me know what you think.
  9. It is on the site: (there is 12 so far) http://Http://mmorpc.com Yea got a new comp and a bunch of stuff set me back from making them but I hope to have a new batch up soon.
  10. Sorry for those of you who follow the strip, lost all the main files so I have to remake everything. Hope to be updating again very soon. For those of you haven't checked it out be sure to do so.
  11. I mean really, no mmo in freakin history has done something this ridiculous. What made them think they could sneak this one past us?
  12. wait what..runescape still exists? No I think you're wrong, there is only a digital gap where runescape once lay.
  13. Strip #12 is up. Check it out and let me know what you think. Lol I really wish I updated my strip more.
  14. I mentioned in my comic blog there that the next one would be either up on sunday or mondy, but It's for sure not going to be up until mid/late in the week. It's written but still have to do the sketch and the art and can't because I don't have time atm and I'm away from home for the next few days. So soon. I'm trying to get into a routine for it.
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