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  1. I'll add some pics later, as i'm about to head to bed, thought i'd write this up quick =)
  2. Hey Everyone, just felt the need to release a bit of excitement of my achievement as nerdy as it sounds haha, My names Jamie (RSN Jamie_0015) A little about myself. I'm 21 I live in Western Australia, i work for a courier company for Toll IPEC, I enjoy skating, Rap, Hip hop and RNB music, i'm a gym finatic started about a year ago and have gone everyday since. After 6 Long years of playing runescape excluding 120 Dungeoneering i just completed 99 Construction resulting in finally maxed the game out with flat 99's. It's been a long journey and my dedication has paid off. I started Runescape Back in (cant quite remember the month) but it was in the year of 04' , When a mate of mine introduced me to this game back in school. What seemed as a bit of fun to pass the time at the time turned into something i kinda got hooked on, always been a very competative kinda person whether it be sport or something i dedicate my time to,and runescape got a hold of me, I took grasp on a skill and prided myself to stick to it till the end.I must admit as a young kid i no lifed the game quite a bit when i first started until i took a year break in 07. I achieved a few things in Runescape that i was rather happy about and would like to mention, i got within top page defence in 07' just before i took a break with 76m defence which got me within Rank 11 and top page I completed 99 prayer 85-99 using ectofuntus and i can't say too many can say they achieved that and was quite proud of it. Too many to mention. I obtained the firecape within about 3 weeks of that coming out, i obtained each partyhat (upgrading) in 07 via skilling and monster killing without merching so that was a nice achievement for me also. So for now i may focus on dungeoneering but with the busy lifestyle i live it's going to be a slow process but in the free time i get i'll certainly give it a good crack, But for now just happy i've achieved what i always wanted. I've also met alot of great people within this game, a few to many to mention you guys know who you are, and i thank you for giving me the support to help me along through the easy and tough times throughout the game. :) Always up for meeting new friends and a chat so add me in game .. i'm usually PM on and if i'm not too busy í'll have a chat, thanks. =)
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