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  1. And is there like a guide or something?
  2. Yeah, but is it a laugh to do? That's all that really matters to me when it comes to games.
  3. It's been a while since I playing (I quit just after Farming was introduced) but I may start again if Construction is worth it. Opinions?
  4. 200k... How many cooked lobsters is that?
  5. My stats: http://sig.runeweb.net/sig/12/albrowne.png
  6. After 100 days and all my cash, armour and weapons are gone and I've got to raise some cash to get them back, how do you think I should go about this?
  7. I wasn't saying I was 11, I was saying I'm in Year 11. I'm 15.
  8. Hm... Interesting. I'm in Year 11 (final year before 6th form), you see and at my school most of the year 4/5s play RuneScape and I was just checking if I was far too old to be playing RuneScape, but I guess not. Neat.
  9. you know michael jackson moved out of his ranch. Now that its 15 years old hes not attracted to it anymore anyways im 15 Ahahaha, genius.
  10. What? It's not like I'm asking for you to come to my Neverland Ranch.
  11. I ask merely for information.
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