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  1. 2001 original checking in here. I remember the original Tip.it forums before they went away the first time and we all went to Gunars forums, and whatever else followed.
  2. Thanks, thats what I was originally considering(I saw Dragon skirts were in the neighborhood of 200K?!) thats so insane to think about considering Dragon plate legs were closer to 3mil when I quit.
  3. Ok so I'm back to Rs after a VERY long break. I'm not really sure how long, but probably close to 2 years. When I quit I gave everything away. I'm now back, and spent yesterday fishing and made a quick mil. I'm in the market to start buying some armor/weapons again but with all this new stuff out I have no idea what I should be going for. When I quit it was all about the abby whip and dragon plate legs. Now I see those items have plummeted in price. So I ask: What should I be equipping myself with to start questing and such again? Sig is a bit off..CB lvl 100, should be able to wear pretty much anything. oh and I guess i should throw in that I'm P2P
  4. Ok whats an easy way to get my coordinates there. I cant keep form being attacked long enough to even get the stuff centered on my sextant.
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