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  1. Thank you all Yes my goal is 75+ all atm, finishing it at 93 Slayer. And yeh why keep things you dont you at least once every few days.
  2. Thanks, yeh i was an old school Fletcher, when it was "respected" and made money, so I'm not ashamed of my 26.1m fletch exp. \ I dont think I sucked at staking, I was unlucky and greedy, a bad combination.
  3. Hello and welcome. I was fed up with another Black Demon task so I thought I'd post this after taking the time to sort screen shots a few days back. First off I'll post my 99 level srceenies, in order of course. Fletching, a big deal for me. Was in first 800 or so to achieve this. 20th September 2005. [hide=][/hide] Just under a year later I managed to finish a long goal of 99 Attack, trained at Daggonths and Dust Devils. 31st July 2006. [hide=][/hide] Strength oh Strength, I really did'nt enjoy this one, did Slayer up until 97, then "noobed" it up for the rest at Pest Control. 22nd November 2006. [hide=][/hide] I did a fair whack of Defence before this one, again opting to "noob" it up and finish last two lvls at PC. I was so very happy to get this cape. 21st January 2007. [hide=][/hide] This was my goal mid way to 99 Fletching, never got around to it until much later on. This was part Alched, Enchanted and Slayer Darted (Barrows and DK). 6th May 2007. [hide=][/hide] Defence, how I loved training it. This last Melee level was trained purely with Guthans healing and Slayer. It was alot of fun. 27th July 2007. [hide=][/hide] Range. I never liked it much to be honest. Why shoot something when it's faster to slap it with a whip? Regardless I pulled the finger out and used Chins. Cost was alot, over 70M, but rewards were worth it. 28th March 2008. [hide=][/hide] Sadly missed lvl 99 pic, ah well heres 98 with 2000 Total. After Range I wanted a nice and easy skill to 99. I'd put this off since I wanted it straight after 99 Fletch (Cook "x" runied it). 19th April 2008. [hide=][/hide] Those are my 99's rapped up. Now for some meaningful levels and drops. [hide=][/hide][hide=][/hide] [hide=][/hide] These next were three within six days of each other. See how my gear evolves? [hide=][/hide][hide=][/hide][hide=][/hide] My only decent GWD drop, I've had 4 Sara Swords also. I dont GW much [hide=][/hide] And Tokkul Merchanting at my peak. [hide=][/hide] Now onto my bank and Stats, bear in mind I was addicted to Staking for many months late 2006 early 2007, losing my entire fortune, close to 300M. I've started again with nothing late December 2007. [hide=] [/hide] Last but not least my Stats. [hide=][/hide] Charms for 75 Summoning awaiting my attention. Current goals are Crafting and Slayer to 99. So yeh, Rate, comment, do as you wish.
  4. thanks the boots were sold at 397k ea just had another task, again worth posting notice i got consecutive boots again? :ohnoes:
  5. I've been a reader of these forums for some time, finally something i consider worth posting. Started as a 191 Spitirual Mage task. Drops on kills 35, 74, 75, 126, 163, 254, 287 and 330. Quite happy, my previous best was set only yesterday with 5. Rate etc.
  6. i have a friend who managed to make around 90m in two months barrowing. tho thats at 5-10 hrs almost every day. in my opinion its all about luck. at barrows u can go days, even weeks without a drop, wheras (not that i would know), it could be quite possible to get many whips in that time at abby. even tho runes, bolts etc can acumilate, still making you profit, drops are a necesity. best thing obviously would be to trail barrows for say a week and compare to previous hauls from abbys
  7. sweet man, well compiled. i only have one 99 skill, fletch. tho i have 25 m exp in it (soon to be 40 m). erm dont u know 126 cb is achieved at 98 prayer?
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