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  1. Just for you people who don't know who I am, I'm the firemaking guy. Also the one who edits the videos. Okay first in answer to one of your guys' questions, the music at the beginning of episode 1 is "The Final Countdown" from Europe. It's from one of the Rocky movies, I'm told. It's a dorky song but at the same time it's also freaking awesome. I have no idea how that works. By the way I just realized how little episode 4 actually had to do with RuneScape. Hopefully we'll get back on topic next episode. But that's doubtful. I can't say anything for sure about future episodes cause I just don't know... we've got nothing solid yet. Thanks for the feedback, everyone. BAHAHAHAAAHAHA PETER'S BALD!
  2. Oh. So one of my posts got deleted. Apparently saying the big H-E-double-hockey-sticks is a no-no on this forum. I scoff at the mod who deleted it, whoever it was. OH MY [religious figure] HE SAID [H-E-double-hockey sticks] ! Personally I think i should have gotten banned for that. Cause man. that's a pretty bad word. [Religious figure] I had some good info in that last post too, [expletive]! I got into how i was gonna ask the security guy to release the tape of Peter's and my lightsaber fight, held in the courtyard at our school which drew about 80 spectators. But the chances he'll give it to me aren't good. And then I was saying how most people didn't like the RS footage usually included in our videos. I was quoting someone and said the big H-E-double-hockey-sticks. In any case they don't like it so much. At least not the way it was presented in episode 3. Oh by the way, I'd like to make it known that under no circumstances will Michael's idea of releasing those interviews come to pass. Those interviews were so GOSH DARN bad they can just go to HECK (nice word usage there i thought).
  3. Yessssssss... more lengthy paragraph-form information from Minty... I'm sure you're all just so excited. Yeah see we didn't film this weekend even though it was time (we had been in an every-other-week pattern). Now that the juniors and everyone else in our entire school knows about us we need to do our absolute best. Our feedback from non-RuneScape players has been something along the lines of "what the hell was all that crud at the end? Did you mess up the editing or something? Are you that stupid? Don't make me pwn u." This week Peter and I brought in lightsabers to school and got into a fight in the courtyard, drawing about 100 spectators. Turns out there's a security camera out there, wouldn'tcha know... so we wanna ask the security guy for the tape so we can put it up on the web. He prolly can't give it to us cause our school's run by a bunch of up-tight suits. In any case I read all the suggestions, and would like to reprimand my friends for complaining about not getting any ideas from you people cause you're giving them. The trouble about the suggestions, though all the ideas I really like, is that those who don't play RS won't get it and we'll be ridiculed by friends and family. So as you may have noticed, we tried to move out of RS-specific situations and more into things that those who don't play the game could relate to (particularly in Episode 3). Unfortunately we've exhausted our store of all-audiences humor (which actually only included going downtown in armor) in the last film. It may take some time before we're able to come up with something else, and if we can't, then we may have to resort to actually giving our film a plot. But I don't think that's a move any of us are prepared to make. (<--- That's a joke. Haha? Just making sure you knew... My humor is pretty dry.) Speaking of dry humor, a number of people at school have asked us if we're kidding or not in our films. And here I was thinking it was completely obvious... so I'll spell it out for you. WE'RE KIDDING. Thank you. ...So what was the point I was trying to make with this post?
  4. So now I'm gonna explain a couple things about the video. First, that guy that said the cleaners part... was just some random passerby. VERY possibly drunk. He stopped while we were filming and just said what he said. Insane. So the part about "selling cex" in the last section... see that was supposed to have been a practical joke by Peter. The character he was using was a lvl 3 called "1 hot grl 69". We played practical jokes on guys who wanted a little. Our targets ended up being: an 11-year-old, a 13-year old who really really like to use emotes and some guy who, after we told him we were a man, said "I'm ***". I'll let you people figure that one out for yourselves. Peter chose "Low Rider" for background music. Good choice. I edited the whole thing. Michael... Michael's ideas got shot down. Yeah that was pretty much it. OMG Blue-To-Die is such a huge fan. Just realized there's a huge ad for our movie in the middle of her site. Tight. BIG BROTHER IS WATCHING! (aka the new tip.it mods)
  5. Yet another giant paragraph post from the hottie. (...That's me, btw) Yes, I have procrastinated editing the third episode long enough. So today it is completed and released. How come I end up doing all the dirty work... maintaining the site and editing the videos? ...Oh right cause I don't let Michael or Peter. Yeah anyway. So it's done. And that would make the 50th MB of Tripod memory we've used. ...Which means the third free account... Umm yeah that hopefully doesn't qualify as illegal... *nervous laugh*.... YEAH SO EPISODE THREE. WATCH IT. IT IS T3H OWN><0RZ. And I've gotta give Blue-to-Die a hand. Definitely our biggest fan. HEY I KNOW WHAT WE COULD DO! OH MAN THAT'D BE SO COOL! Hey yeah for our biggest fan, we could have them appear in RuneScape on the next episode. But I thought of that just now so it's probably a really bad idea. ...Meh. We'll just see. I'll run it by Michael and Peter. If I remember. And that's unlikely. Dude we've got a following... And people at school have seen it now, thanks to Peter. JEBUS! Public humiliation and lack of respect from peers. Great. Just great. Oh and before the third episode was filmed I got a haircut. And it's somewhat ugly. People tell me I no longer look like Dawson from Dawson's Creek. So yeah I'm ugly now... ...Ugly in a relative sense. Definitely still EXTREMELY HOT. But less so than before.
  6. I'm the guy in addy in the second video in case anyone cares... Yeah we wanted to work on the video this weekend too but Peter had to do something... what was it again? ...It was something really stupid but in any case we couldn't go over to his house to work on it. So no new addition this week, but we'll see about next week. Last week we had some difficulties... ran out of both time and ideas after filming the seven nation army part. building that armor took so long... At some point i wanted to get into long-term real life effects of excessive runescape-playing, like becoming antisocial. That's kinda hard to explain though... We're working on incorporating more scenes from the game. Michael (the new guy) has some footage but he operates a MACINTOSH (...scoff) so we're having some compatibility issues. We might do an in-RS scene with the 2 1337 2 pwn clan. OH WAIT THAT WAS THE IDEA FOR EPISODE 3! ...Yeah I just remembered what we were planning to do but i can't say. it's gotta come as a surprise. It's gonna be awesome if that's what we decide to do. (Hint: involves going out in public...) In-RS scenes may prove a challenge again in episode 3. Well I guess we'll all see how it turns out next week. Until then!
  7. Yeah... I took fencing this year. But only cause my school makes us take a sport. Turns out i hated it. Actually hated it with a passion. Did everything i could to ruin my chance of getting a letter. Worked pretty well. I think the best style of fighting is that with measuring tools. Mainly cause going out and getting something better sounds harder than training with a ruler wakizashi. ...Plus i won't weird out my mom. ...Or repel girls QUITE as much as i already do.
  8. Dude, lunchbox! You're probably the FIRST ONE to have seen Part II! How does it feel? ...As if I expect a response anytime soon... this is a forum...
  9. So part II is on the site. It was some tough labor. Especially editing. Brutal. Took the entire weekend. Anyway, it's done, so check it out. We've got kind of a problem on the site though... We only have 20 mb of space on the site. We have this full version of what's released plus two, count em, TWO more scenes included. Except we can't post it cause we don't have enough memory. And i'm afraid Tripod will come after us with really big sticks or something if we steal - er, make another webpage. So any input is great. Email or post. Email's probably better... GIVE US YOUR SUGGESTIONS! And about the website... what should we do? Import the full version? Keep as is? Give us your vote.
  10. Well I didn't exactly slice all the way through them... they kinda just flew apart when i whacked them with the thin edge of the ruler. i figure that's close enough to samurai skillZ. PVC pipe with a duct tape hilt... hmm. Too bad we don't have any around. Plus i can't cut stuff with it... i'll stick with my ruler and give it a duct tape hilt instead.
  11. Pshhhhh... you can't just not tell us now demeige... unless i'm just being an idiot again and missing the joke or whatever... yeah as tempting as a mock-up weapon sounds, zonorhc, i think i'm gonna have to stick with my ruler and wooden objects. cause i pretty much just hit stuff and call it samurai. It's more of a thing i do while waiting for the forums to load than something i would actually want to devote time to. Plus i'm already just so cool. You know how it goes. DIS IS HOW WE DO
  12. So i was chillin in my room when i decided i wanted to chop some stuff up with my insane samurai skillz. I took a ruler from my desk (a real thin metal one), threw a wooden pencil in the air, and managed to chop it clear in half with the ruler. I was astounded at my hidden samurai soul and continued to practice with my new wakizashi (a.k.a. short sword, a.k.a. my ruler). I got up from my desk chair and started slicing more wooden pencils in half. It was pretty sweet. So i decided to find out if i could cut paper. I took a bookmark, threw it in the air, and sliced about halfway through it. It didn't seem to be working very well, so i tried it again but this time held onto it. I swung my ruler and managed to hit myself in the thumbnail, causing instant pain and provoking me to utter various curses. I thought there was no damage, but i looked at it and it turned out i had actually cut clear through my thumbnail and that the skin under it was broken and bleeding. What a sight. So i have set myself to honing my samurai abilities. Except I now keep my other hand behind my back. Just an anecdote. You know this has happened to you too, peeps. Don't hide it. Being a samurai is OKAY. Though slightly dangerous if you're an idiot like me...
  14. (Says actor of the guy in the aluminum foil helmet): Yeah, see this movie is what we like to call a product of too much free time. But remarkably, it is simultaneously T3H 0VV|\|><0RZ. Well, except for the part about me abandoning any hope for a social life by donning that armor and filming it... Peter (Legolover64) and I plan on making another part to it this coming Friday. We've got one idea we really like... me walking around in full armor around a populated urban area. The background music... will be a surprise. Very good. Very good. Making a spectacle of myself in an densely packed area. ...Do I just have no life? See I feel like I need to explain myself. Some sorta shame kinda thing. You know how it is. Dis is how we do.
  15. That frame was attached to the end of the noob island part... and I didn't bother to check it. Kinda discovered it was there just now. So yeah I'm somewhat of an idiot. We're thinking about posting the rest of the movie (about 2 minutes) on the site, seeing as our feedback isn't as bad as I thought it would be. I don't know though... putting myself wearing a full set of armor (including a medium helm) made of tin foil on the internet... I'm pretty much asking to be laughed at.
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