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  1. did i say anything about the quality? i said i liked both
  2. hmm not sure which one i like....both look nice
  3. na i dont really like it zim....i would if it had more color/ graphic to it
  4. i like em but maybe a graphic in trhere?
  5. yea they look kool....if it was a pixel sig maybe have me killin some dude with a scimmy or a pile of people under me
  6. things i would like incorperated into it: Name: XWifeBeaterX Combat:100+ Proud Leader of Eos and maybe some badass monster lol.... i like blue, black, red, white, anything like that please someone make me a sig!!
  7. Need to repeat everything I said already? 1) Theres absolutely no indication about the existance of a god. 2) Religions can get people do things they wouldn't do under normal circumstances: Religions were made to oppress and misuse people, and to keep people 'stupid' (for the lack of a better word). I gave plenty of examples about this so read my other posts for that. I'll add some more: - Religion made people think the whole universe was rotating around Earth, while Earth was rotating around the sun. - Religion made people think that Earth wasn't round. 3) There have been gods for everything and a lot of them were proven false by science. Good examples of this are: the god of thunder Thor (Viking god), the god of a good harvest (Egyptian god) and many, many others. Why would this god of creation exist then? People just make up gods for things they can't explain yet. But with so many gods proven false already it is not very likely that this god of creation will exist. 4) Different theories which are very likely to be true (like the Big Bang theory, evolution theory) show no indication about a god and show that everything that we have now happened through logical events. 5) God is supposed to be good? Yet we got so much evil around us. your not supposed to drink the bong water duke....oh almighty wise one :roll: .
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