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  1. Yeah I definitely agree with you there. Now that 99 gets skill capes, it looks likes 99 is the end. Maybe come rs3, we'll see level 100 but uhh not soon.
  2. oreo - asfaik as a java programmer, int, double, short, long, float, all these allow for more than 2 'digits' - after all it's based on bytes secondly, if you were right they could easily add new code to increase it, e.g. 1-99 level = 0; xp = 0; if level = 99 level2 = 0; xp = 14m; display(level1+level2). perhaps the only thing that does hold them back is their database. years ago the maximum per stack was 65535, that's a significant number in the database world (google it) and it's a possibility they may have a proprietary database that can't be easily expanded upon. just my thought
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