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  1. Walking into Duel arena for the first time... Easily over 300m lost there in my RS career, i just can't seem to make profit there :(.
  2. Same, says page cannot be displayed..
  3. This guy knows where its at 8)
  4. ksha


    Hardcore dancing = WTF?! Moshing is funny, hurts alot when you're small and skinny like me... but still fun.8)
  5. Edguy or Dark Tranquility or Iron Maiden Guitarist... Herman Li of Dragonforce 8)
  6. Edguy - All the clowns Dark Tranquility - Monochromatic stains
  8. Guns n roses - the stall to the side Greenday - the calender to the other side
  9. aaaah lots of emo stuffs :oops: The Haunted on the 26th.. 3 days :D Dragonforce 29th (?) Janurary (dont have tickets but im def. going, 'cause Edguy are supporting XD)
  10. Ok here we go: Amon Amarth - Power metal/Viking metal Arch Enemy - Symphonic Death metal Children of Bodom - Death metal (?) Dark Tranquility - Death metal/Symphonic Death Metal Dragonforce - Power metal Edguy - Power metal Hammerfall - Power metal Morbid Angel - Death metal Opeth - Black metal The Haunted - Death metal 8)
  11. Pete (dont know his last name) - Morbid Angel... Awesome drummer :D
  12. I think i deserve 10million gold, because, i quit rs over a month ago, and am slowly getting back into it, very slowly, so when i quit i had 5mil and a whip (yeah i was poor), i suicided the whip into 2 level 80's, bet they had a great day, i boxed the 5mil to a level 115, well basically gave him it... so 10mil would really do good right about now, i'd buy a few rares (if i could afford lol, with the insane prices now i doubt it :P ) and just have fun with it :D 100 words :wink: *EDIT* rsn is kosha
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