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  1. What about my inventory, besides prayer potions obviously. This will be my first trip to the dungeons, anything I should know about?
  2. So I've been playing RS for the past month...after a 2 year hiatus, and I got a spiritual mage task. I'm not quite to sure how to go about it. I know they're in the God Wars dungeon, but I don't quite know what I need to be in there/what I should have to kill them/what a good inventory is. Any help would be appreciated, as well as the best method of dealing with them. (Melee preferred, Range works too). Thanks guys!
  3. I need 93 construction assist for an effigy! Please respond if you're willing and able :)
  4. Not too many people lose skulls after 10 minutes of fighting. :roll: And not too many people can die, bank, and make it to GDs in 10 minutes, kthx. -Quiksilv3r
  5. Didn't your mom teach you not to make up stories? -Quiksilv3r
  6. Yea, I attacked Ascendancy, I called his name, but no one attacked. I didn't see food4mishu though. Saw bibble, he was in nub stuff though. :P -Quiksilv3r
  7. I agree, this war should be a draw. But Bronxie, I have been informed that Devils members had war times in their sigs on DI boards? I dunno, I heard this, I'm not accusing you guys of anything. Here is a nice pic. :P
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