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  1. Okay, well that isn't too big of a deal.. thank you very much
  2. Oh okay...so when I summon another one I can feel free to replace the items back into the newly summoned monster? That sounds reasonable...for some reason I was thinking that they disappeared..
  3. Okay. So let's say I have summoned a familiar that can carry items for me, a beast of burden. I have stored items with this familiar so I can have more inventory space. Now that I have those items inside, his summons time runs out. Am I allowed to summon this familiar again and still have the sam items contained inside? Or if I summon him, will his 'burdenous' area be empty? Thanks!!
  4. I would block them, but currently I don't have the points because I just started slayer not long ago with the new point system
  5. Okay excellent I think I'll go with melee then :)...it is a slayer task so black mask for sure though...I'm pretty much set with my inventory also...thanks!
  6. With my stats (in my signature), what is the best method to go about killing steel dragons?
  7. Yeah I was planning on that of course, thanks :)
  8. Does anyone know of a low level farming guide? I would like to get my farming up from 24 in the quickest, most cost effective way, but can't seem to find too great of a guide. I am not sure what level I'm aiming for, but more than 24 sound about right :thumbsup: Thanks!
  9. I am sure that this has been asked before, but here it is: Where is the closest bank from a Summoning Obelisk without doing quests for them? And what is the closest with quests and which quests are required?
  10. How do you go about unblocking the tunnel from the lumbradge cellar/dorgesh-kaan entry way to the lumbridge swamp caves? there is an option to "squeeze through hole", but when I click it it says, "The tunnel is blocked with rocks." I have tried to use a pickaxe on it to no avail. Help!
  11. With my stats, what type of kalphites should I be killing for the most efficient slaying? I tried Soldiers but they seem to kind of dominate me even with my defence. But on the other hand, I don't really want to kill the weak workers because it seems like a waste almost. Help? What should I kill and how should I kill them? Inventory?
  12. I found when I was training on cockroach soldiers that they were not very fast xp...maybe that was just me...but it seemed dreadfully slow...I'd try rock lobs if I were you
  13. No energy pots or anything? Just cakes?
  14. Okay great. That's kind of what I was leaning towards...any thoughts on set-up?
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