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  1. yeah I'm planning on being a member again. thanks it's not a guide like this that I need =(
  2. Is there any good that will tell you everyitems you need before canceling your account? I've looked but couldn't find one.
  3. is it the same amount for steel bars? and do you know how many dhide armors I can make with one tool :o lots of questions
  4. morphic or volatil? which choose I choose? and for 60-70 smithing how many should I get
  5. how many xp can you get per then?
  6. how often do they need to be recharded I'm talking about hammer and needle
  7. NVM it was on first page... I guess i've been searching for the wrong words -_-
  8. all right, thanks a lot. I'll calculate the amount of money needed later :D remember you'll need stealing creation hammers reduces the cost and doubles the exp for a set amount of exp aight thanks, Are these long to get btw
  9. all right, thanks a lot. I'll calculate the amount of money needed later :D
  10. and what way would you do this?
  11. which is the cheapest skill between those prayer smithing herblore construction and I'm also wondering if stringing amulets is very expensive.
  12. he said hunt Yeah, hunt :P but what should I do until 80?
  13. What is a good level to start hunting chins?
  14. I had no idea about this sorry thanks a lot
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