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  1. wow this is cool, i thought this topic was dead, no 1 has posted for so long so come on every 1 add what u want! omg every 1 is writing p hats :evil: is my first post really confusing or something?
  2. a billionair only 200 mil, but still a lot of money Silly, a billion is one thousand million. Punch 1000x1,000,000 into a calc and see what you get. ;P lol i think some1 has forgoten that 5 steel bars make 1 plate :roll:
  3. comon ppl, i want more responses what would you get?!
  4. theres an idea.. 1 mil cats = 100 mil death runes 8) you DO NOT trade cats for death runes @: @: @: ~ady .... are you sure, coz im really sure you do.... what are cats for then?
  5. i know reading a post the whole way through can be tricky, but keep trying and you will soon learn how.....
  6. think* back i agree. dark_counda, im sorry i withdraw my permission :P and i change my answere to my original post of 1 mill mith bars edit* should be thinking
  7. wow, i didnt know that.... there goes my idea... ok then i will chose 100k rune arrows (for when i go members) 50k mith bars 50k addy bars 100k rune bars 50k death runes 50k big bones 50k essence 50k silver bars 100k raw lobsters 100k unid'd herbs (when i go members) 100k yew logs (members..) 199,972 cabbages ( :P to give to bane) and finally 28 lamps :P ok thats it, thats all i ask for....
  8. :P yes, i give you permision to do that :P
  9. nothing here compares to 1mill lamps 8) btw can u sell lamps? coz having 1mill would get lots of skills to 99 but u wouldnt get much cash... and also how much exp to get a lvl 99 skill?
  10. wouldnt you rather get mith bars, or addy or rune if you can use them. its prety much the same.... still get 99 mage and smithing but you make sooo much more money
  11. this just came to me then..... ... wait for it 1 million lamps!! :D think about it :P edit: i could finally get my strength up :D
  12. i thought some people would say stuff like this, ok cynical1 what would you buy with all the money u made from the squares?
  13. thinking about it now having 1mill drag bones dus sound prety sweet, but then again 1mill lobs would own quite abit :P i think i agree with lifeguard200. but mainly 1mill mith bars woud own
  14. cool so every 1 likes smithing :)
  15. if you could have 1 million of any item what would it be? please dont post "party hat" or any holiday items for that matter. btw i would hav 1 mill mith bars, i love smithing... but hate mining and smelting EDIT: bolded no p hats coz alot of people seam to be confused by it :roll:
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