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  1. BUMP!! I am online and monitoring this thread actively! Tell me your timezone and when you will want to meet!
  2. please don't spam my topic just post if you are interested in renting.
  3. Hey I am still lending out party hats just let me know your rsn and i will add you. I tend to get on around 6pm central time to 10 pm central time.
  4. account trading is against runescape rules.
  5. i just lent one out so just get on whenever and ill hve you added on rs! so gotta wait 24 hrs!
  6. Yes you can borrow it. I dont know if they let me lend these items but we can try! Best regards let me know when you are on!
  7. All Party hat Colors are currently available for rent! Red, Blue, Purple, White, Green, Yellow. If you are looking for another rare I have the following as well: Santa hat Pumpkin Disk or Returning Easter eggs Please off on these Please pm me! I am lending out party hats for 12 hour minimums. I am asking for RSGP. Please offer... in Runescape gold pieces! Price List: 800k for 24 hour renting or 450k for 12 hour renting party hats Party Hats For Rent NOW ACCEPTING Runescape Gold!! (RS GP) I also accept equivalent valued items such as ores, bars, runes, armour etc just offer! Per 24 Hour Rent: 800k rsgp Red:White: Green: Yellow: Purple: Blue: Party Hats Status [Available]
  8. when i die im returning to the meeting place in edgeville ATTENTION ALL TIME CHANGED!! 10 p.m. central.
  9. to warn you you need to be atleast lvl 65 to kill me because i am probably heading to lvl 40 wilderness. My level is 105. If some other clan attacks me, well then that sucks cause no one gets anything. AGAIN I will be carrying nothing and I as in ME can only give the command for when people are allowed to attack! REMEMBER ONLY I CAN GIVE THE COMMAND TO GET ATTACKED!
  10. alright people start showing up, if its a poor turnout then it will really suck. add Cmdr_Pit
  11. yes my rsn is cmdr pit. 3man3 is my other character. Also if you don't believe I will even fashion all my party hats before we go into the wild. Or pm me now infact whenever you see me on and I will give you a fashion show of party hats lol.
  12. obviously you didnt read the whole post #-o look at it and you will see, also it is not a lure, because i am allowing you to wear whatever you want. seriously if you dont want to trust this then too bad im only trying to give away a free rare. Here's my background: -Played when runescape started basically -Signed up as the 200th ish and 600 ish player EVER to start runescape. -Has every single rare known to runescape. -Has every rare in quantities unimaginable to mankind. -Loves to give away free stuff randomly -Has not played in 3 years.
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