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  1. This is pretty short, but there's about 2-3 things I want to tell you about that will get you good money. Easy cash: Will gain 150-200k, risky, requires 25-30 combat level, take few food, Takes 2 hours to complete. STEP 1 Many people has heard of this- go to the Lava Maze in lvl 40 wilderness. Especially for F2p, cuz members can go underground. On your way there, go to the bone field and pick up the iron scimitar- you'll need it to cut through the webs. Then, stop by at lvl 30 wildy and pick up a steel leg in the red spider place. Then, go to the lava maze and go as far as you can, where the lesser demons are inside a fence. pick up the earth staff, steel plate, and gold necklace that pops up randomly. Have your mouse near the log off button always because you can be easily killed. Wait a few minutes and pick up again, or world hop and pick up until inventory is full. Come back, sell in various stores for about 10-15k worth, or use high-alch for 15-22k. This really seems stupid, but for noobs waiting for higher lvls, this can get u quick cash. STEP 2 Keep your 15k. Buy chaos runes at the local store- you will get about 140 of them. Since you bought for 110 gp each, sell these for 200 gp. You basically now DOUBLED your money amount. Keep doing this process until you have 50k. STEP 3 Now you have a good amount of cash- 50k. Buy rune items. Rune scimitars, Rune LS, Rune Battle Axe, watever that you can buy. I buy these for 30-45k each, and sell for 55-60k. It sounds really stupid, but there's always someone out there that's willing to buy it for such outrageous price. Every time you do this, you gain 20k. Keep doing this and combine with Step 2 until you have over 200k. Now, don't be fooled by this. The BEST way to make money is to smith, hands down. But if you're too lazy to work up your lvls or think it's going to take too long, use this strategy to gain quick cash...
  2. Ok i've been thinking of this for OVER a year, and was hoping RS would do this because it is so ingenious. But nothing happened. I was thinking the fiting system in wildy would be something like the system in Diablo 2. You can setup teams before you enter wildy- you cannot leave or join a team once you are in wildy. And, you can't attack anyone on your team. This stops people from suddenly betraying and teaming in wildy, and can be a fun experience because I hate it when I'm at the edge of wildy wanting to fite someone but always there's 3-4 people who's on a team and won't let me even enter wildy, or being betrayed when going out to kill noobs...
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