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  1. Ahhh.....DECENT. NAT. oh well didn't want to play tonight anyway -.-
  2. So i was dungeoneering when my screen froze and it said loading please wait...attempting to reastablish blah blah blah we've all seen it before. Then it lagged me out and when i tried to log back in it said your account was not logged out from last session, try again in a few minutes. Well it's been 45 mins now and it that still pops up when i try to sign in. What do i do?????
  3. Basically in the long run i want to do TD's, but i don't got the levels or the money for the equipment right now. Ill be doing red chimps for my range, i think i might try and go all way to 99 once i get my 99 fm here right away (94 right now). Any help is apprecaited, thanks guys.
  4. oh sorry boys haha, Im kinda looking for both. Like Where there any big updates? Where there any updates that really helped money making? like i know rcing nats use to be good cash but i noticed the price of nats is pretty darn low so they probley not as good now, or green drags use to be great but with this new update that might go down hill? All in All though i am looking for a money making method yes. sorry for the confusion :P
  5. So once again im returned to the world of rs. Ive lost count of how many times that is now :P. I've been away for about 2 months and just need some help and people to point me in the right direction. What major updates have happened? I noticed their bringing back wildy and trade :) :) I've heard they had put a new update and apparently making 1m/hr is pretty darn easy now, anyone wanna share the secrets. Im probley going to be getting members again here real shortly and got about 10m in the bank but i want that to grow substantuley, anyone help me out here? My RSN is chips74 if you want to check stats. Im currently just mining rune in wildy but in a couple days with the new update those days will be over me, i can compete with revenants but not pkers :P not that im complaining or anything ;)
  6. I just opened it up and holy CRAP! it was dirty :P there was a solid half inch of packed dust all around the housing of the one fan...opps hehehe i cleaned that out and gave everything else a good blow down, i just plugged it all back in and playing right now. Im keeping several windows open just to test how it is but i think we solved the problem. It's a million times quieter, before it sounded like a train coming through the room when i was running it. know i don't even notice. Thanks a milllion guys, now i don't gotta quit rs again :P
  7. Very nice. Lost planet 2 <3
  8. its been doing it for a couple months, it was fine when i first got the comp and was playing rs on it then i quit for awhile and didn't playing really any other games. and then came back and it started and i've been on and off and whenever i start playing again it beeps. Ill open it up tomorrow and give it a good clean. Would just some electrical contact cleaner be good for some the "sensitive" spots?
  9. Usually before it starts too you can hear the fan getting faster?
  10. It's a high pitched very annoying beep, it starts of one beep every 30 seconds or so and then the beeps get longer and closer together and eventually it just doesn't stop. If im just cruising the forums or something and got nothing else open other then facebook or something its usually fine, but once i get other stuff like runescape or a bunch of other browsers open it starts. Now though if i only have runescape open and nothing else it also starts. If you need the specs of my comp or anything to help out i could check. I don't know much about computers, just like to enjoy them hahha. No im 100% positive it's a beeping, it's really weird
  11. Ok, So whenever i log onto runescape, or have a bunch of windows open. The tower always starts putting out this extremely annoying beeping sound, it'll go on and off and if i don't close the windows and leave the computer for awhile it just gets worse and worse and eventually is a consistant beeping until i close everything. Its reallly pissing me off seems as i can't even play anymore for more then 20 Mins without going crazy. Im no computer wiz by any means but if someone could give me some advice and what to do i'd be really happy!! Thanks, Chips74
  12. Hi im looking for someone that might have a spreadsheet for High alch? All i need is f2p. I checked Grimy but he didn't have a high alch one, and Tip.it calc is way out of date. If anyone has any info were i can find one it would be much appreciated. Thanks, Chips74 P.s Unless someone wants to tell me whats the best for alching right now :pray: :wink:
  13. Oh ok thanks, Im almost 70 so I think I'll do addy then. I checked out the prices for making hardleather bodies and i'll cost me about 3.9m to get 70 which im fine with paying but Im woundering if this is the best method? Making rings seems kinda tedious and slow xp? Also just a side note does anyone have a full f2p spreadsheat for high alch? it would be really appreciated.
  14. I currently have several questions that im kinda lost on at the momemt, I have some extra cash that I really feel I should use on my skills, (Im only F2p right now) I currently have 60 crafting and I really want to raise this, what is good xp and not outragously expensive method? Also I have been doing alot of superheating mith, but i keep hearing that superheating gold is great, is it faster xp for me to superheat gold, even though im F2p? I'll soon be 70 smith so ill be able to do addy right away. Thanks, chips74
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